Apple is continuing to develop technologies that may eventually appear on potential Apple cars, including lidar obstacle detection systems and touch sensitive dashboards. The company’s " Titan plan " (Project Titan) plan has always been an unknown secret, and is considered to be involved in the design of automated driving vehicle systems and services. While details are still scarce, it is clear that apple is still developing vehicle technology.

for example, on Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted apple a patent for an obstacle detection system, which may be essential for autopilot. The patent is called “obstacle detection”, which introduces a system that can use lidar to detect obstacles in the path. “For example, lidar data can be used by automatic vehicle controllers to detect objects in the vehicle environment, and this information can be used for navigation / or motion planning in a dynamic environment,” the patent says. < / P > < p > the system can apply these lidar data to the aerial view of the environment. From there, machine learning can apply different categories of objects in the map according to their characteristics. < / P > < p > “this kind of object classification data can be used as a mask for downward object tracker or Map Locator. The analysis of these aerial maps can improve the accuracy and efficiency of object recognition and tracking, thus improving the performance of automatic vehicle control system According to the patent. < / P > < p > the inventors of this patent are listed as Tarin ziyaee and Tarek El gaaly. Among them, ziyaee was previously listed as the inventor of an Apple patent related to depth perception of computer vision. < / P > < p > Apple also has a patent for a specific type of light guide display technology that can work in a vehicle environment. The patent, called “optical based device with light guide array”, describes an optical based device that can display images or other light output to the user. In addition, it can collect user input through touch. < / P > < p > “light based devices can be used in electrical systems to provide images and other light based outputs to the user. If required, light based devices may include sensors for collecting user input. For example, capacitive touch sensors overlaid on the surface of light based devices can be used to collect user touch input, “the second patent wrote. < p > < p > Apple pointed out that the light guide array of the device can be formed by a bundle of fibers, including plastic or other ternary fibers, which are surrounded by low index cladding materials. < / P > < p > the patent specifically states that its purpose is to improve display usage in some challenging operating environments. It also specifically states that such light based devices can be used in vehicle systems, such as “instrument panel systems, for providing vehicle information to users (e.g. vehicle occupants) and collecting user input”. < / P > < p > Apple also states in its patent that wood can be used as a material for dashboard or other systems. Wood fibers can be made transparent by treatment in a chemical bath and used for light guiding arrays. < / P > < p > Apple files numerous patents every week, so they are not always a good indicator of the company’s future plans or potential product release dates. Having said that, according to Ming Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, the “Apple car” or related vehicle technology may first appear between 2023 and 2025. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities