So far, mobile chipsets running in laptops haven’t given buyers the first positive impression of portability, two-digit battery life, and on-demand performance combinations. < / P > < p > there are rumors that the company plans to hold an event on November 17, when two arm based MacBook models may arrive, but how about their performance? At present, it is said that the performance of the arm MAC prototype has been compromised. A source in contact with leakspalepro said the speed of the arm MAC prototypes was very fast, suggesting that Apple’s custom chips should help the company reduce the dependence of various Macs on Intel processors. < / P > < p > from the rumor about the two MacBook models, it’s fair that Apple’s processors are first tested on portable Macs, as this will provide a benchmark for the company to create more powerful chips in the future. Although the arm MAC prototype is said to be fast, there are still some factors in it. Of course, thanks to the use of fast PCI nvme storage, macs are already very responsive, as are windows 10 based laptops. < / P > < p > it is said that the 8-core Apple processor is almost identical to the upcoming 5nm a14x bionic and may be found in the upgraded iPad Pro model. Benchmark comparisons have shown that the a14x bionic performance is said to be comparable to a fully configured 16 inch MacBook Pro with an unlocked Intel 8-core core i9 processor. The details are likely to be released later this month. Global Tech