Apple has added a picture in picture video feature to IOS 14, allowing iPhone users to continue to watch videos on a small floating window while doing other things on their phones. Although YouTube app didn’t support this function before, there was at least one alternative, that is, watching the mobile version of YouTube website through the PIP mode of safari browser. < p > < p > macrumors reports that when you try to watch YouTube video in PIP mode in Safari browser, the button will only pop up for one second after clicking, and then it will be returned to web browsing mode. < / P > < p > strangely, though The browser’s floating window video playback function on the official website has been cut off, but YouTube pages on the iPad and Youtube Videos embedded in third-party websites can still be viewed in picture in picture mode. < / P > < p > even so, macrumors offers another detour – by enabling “view desktop website” (instead of the default mobile version) in Safari browser, you can watch YouTube videos through Safari’s floating window. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen