The popular weather app dark sky has been unable to download or use on Google’s platforms, namely Android and wear OS. According to Apple’s arrangement, users of the dark sky app on the corresponding platform can’t get the weather report now, and they have to refer to other applications for information.

existing users of the app will now be notified to shut down the service in the app, and paying users of the app will refund their annual subscription fee of $2.99 in full. Search according to the location, also can’t provide available results, such as sunrise and sunset are 12am, temperature all return to zero.

after Apple acquired dark sky in March, the Android version of the app was originally scheduled to close on July 1, but was allowed to run for an extra month. The app has also been removed from the Google play store list early to prevent any new users from signing up for the service.

according to the schedule, the dark sky website should have been closed on August 1, but the app’s blog suggested: “the weather forecast and maps on the dark sky website are still active. “And API services are still available only to existing customers and will continue to operate until the end of 2021.

IOS version apps can continue to be purchased from the app store, but how long it will last remains to be seen. In IOS 14, the weather application has been updated, including some data obtained from the dark sky API, including a new forecast for the next hour, and the widget will show the expected weather for the next hour.