Microsoft’s next generation Xbox series X / s has corresponding subscription services in the form of xgpu and Xbox all access. Tim Stuart, Microsoft’s chief financial officer, said such a subscription service would give more players access to Xbox, a win-win strategy for manufacturers and users. Strauss Zelnick, President of take two (the parent company of R star), recently gave his opinion on Microsoft’s next generation host strategy in an interview with the media: “I think this is a relatively difficult thing for the interactive entertainment business to some extent.” < p > < p > Strauss Zelnick believes that the reason why video streaming subscription service is more reliable is that people will spend more time on it, with an average of 150 hours of TV (video) per month compared with 45 hours of game time per month, which makes Netflix subscription service more attractive than game subscription service. < / P > < p > “spending $35 a month on one of the two platforms isn’t worth it, even if it has a lot of content.” < p > < p > in fact, both gta5 and wilderness escort 2, owned by R star, have landed in XGP, although they have not lasted for a long time. Judging from Strauss Zelnick’s statement, their games may not stay on the XGP service list for a long time. Global Tech