Prior to this, Shentong and Yuantong also issued similar notices to their franchisees at the end of September and July respectively. In response, Yunda express, Yuantong express and Jitu express expressed that they did not comment on the incident; Shentong express did not respond. According to, insiders of several express delivery companies revealed that this is because Jitu has been borrowing the express network of other companies. These express delivery networks have been established by the companies for more than ten years, and each has its own corresponding operation specifications and requirements. The entry of Jitu will disturb the relevant order and affect the stability of express delivery circulation. < / P > < p > according to the data, the original name of J & t express was established in Indonesia by Li Jie, founder of oppo Indonesia company, in August 2015. With the help of oppo’s sales network in Indonesia, jetu Express has become an industry giant in Southeast Asia within two years, covering more than 550 million people in seven Southeast Asian countries. The number of packages received and distributed each month reached 55 million, and the annual number reached more than 700 million, ranking second in Southeast Asia market and the first in Indonesia and Nepal. < p > < p > in September 2019, J & t express began to plan to enter the Chinese market. However, due to the lack of details disclosed to the public, the news did not cause too much fluctuation in the industry. Seven months later, J & t express officially announced that it changed its name to “Jitu express” and continued its rapid development. According to Guoxin Securities research, as of August this year, the daily average business volume of polar rabbits has exceeded 7 million. Baidu Encyclopedia shows that at present, there are more than 4500 self operated outlets and more than 1000 franchise outlets. In terms of sorting, it has more than 100 large transfer centers, more than 100 sorting equipment and more than 3500 transport vehicles. < p > < p > according to the associated press of finance, some insiders have disclosed that after entering the Chinese market, Jitu express takes pinduoduo e-commerce products as the basic market and quickly occupies the market of second and third tier cities. It is a tacit matter for Tongda system to ban it. As for the choice of blocking in peak season, it is hoped to avoid a large-scale “price war”. It is understood that Huang Zheng, the founder of pinduoduo, is one of the four disciples of Duan Yongping, founder of Bubugao, and Li Jie was once a general under Duan Yongping. The relationship between them is profound. According to the 21st century economic report, some insiders have disclosed that in terms of business volume, both pinduoduo and oppo are inclining to the pole rabbit, and Duan Yongping has indeed invested a lot of money for pole rabbit in the early stage. In addition, the successful experience of Southeast Asia, oppo’s own supply chain resources, the development speed since entering China, and the clear governance structure of the company all make it a favorite of capital. According to, there are still many obstacles to the development of polar rabbit express in China. For example, the relevant competent departments in China have corresponding management standards for express delivery network. The current express network of Jitu is still far from meeting the business needs. However, there are hundreds of domestic express delivery companies, which have formed a sound and competitive package network, and it is difficult for the express delivery company to break through. As a result, Jitu express adopted the “circuitous” tactics, borrowed the express network of other companies, and offered extremely favorable prices, which finally caused dissatisfaction and resistance of major express enterprises. < p > < p > according to the 21st century economic report, Yunda requires that the affiliated franchised companies (including the contracted area) of express shall not join in the network and contracted area of geek rabbit for any reason and in any form, and both ends of the agency shall not act as agent for the express delivery business of geek rabbit for any reason or in any form. The distribution center shall strictly check and collect the evidence for the express which has entered into the transfer link, collect evidence and report it, handle it according to the problem piece and return it with the original order; for the extremely rabbit express which has entered the terminal network, the terminal branch company shall collect evidence and report it, handle it according to the problem piece, and inform the sending branch to inform the recipient to collect it by himself. < p > < p > in addition, Yunda also stressed that it is necessary to strictly implement the exclusive operation for the extreme rabbit express. Once the branch company (contract area) has joined in or acted as the agent of the extreme rabbit network and site, once verified, it will be fined 5000-2000 yuan depending on the situation, and it is required to rectify within a time limit, and if the situation is serious, it will be returned; if the package contains the extremely rabbit express, it will be treated as the agent of the extreme rabbit business No complaints will be received. Once the behavior of acting as an agent of Jitu express telephone service is verified, a penalty of 1000 yuan / ticket will be imposed. The above notice shall be implemented in the whole network from the date of promulgation (October 19, 2020). Global Tech