The relationship between apple and its long-term partner Foxconn is deteriorating due to profit margin disputes, according to a new report by the information, a new technology media. Apple’s gross profit margin is close to 40%, while Foxconn’s profit margin is only a single digit percentage point. Therefore, Foxconn has adopted a series of “strategies” to improve its profits. Foxconn often asks apple for more workers than it really needs in order to make more profits from Apple or win new business and increase its meager profit. < / P > < p > Foxconn also uses Apple’s idle factory equipment to work with other customers. As a result, Apple has strengthened the monitoring and tracking of Foxconn employees and their equipment. < / P > < p > several former employees of Foxconn and apple told the information that the relationship between the two companies is changing subtly as apple seeks to diversify its supply chain. For example, apple initially negotiated with Foxconn to make the airpods pro. Foxconn wanted to win the contract and was willing to modify the equipment, but the contract was eventually handed over to Foxconn’s competitors. < p > < p > Apple is Foxconn’s largest customer, with 60% to 70% of its annual iPhone production. Apple’s diversified supply chain will threaten Foxconn. Under the leadership of CEO cook, apple seeks to reduce costs and improve profits, and actively reviews its production lines. In order to make more profits, Foxconn tried to sell its own manufacturing and component testing equipment, but with little success. It also tried to transfer the production of some products to internal production. For example, Foxconn developed its own chemicals to polish the iPhone screen instead of relying on the chemicals from Japanese companies. < / P > < p > Foxconn ignored some of Apple’s policies, such as using apple specific devices for non Apple products, and provided Google employees with the opportunity to visit Foxconn’s factory to produce 12 inch macbooks before the release of the 12 inch MacBook. To this end, apple asked Foxconn to provide surveillance videos and visit records, but Foxconn refused to comply. < / P > < p > in addition, it is reported that Foxconn also cut corners on materials, such as the production of iPhone 7. Some unqualified mobile phones should have removed loose screws or small pieces of metal, but Foxconn opened the defective phones, cleaned up the debris and sealed them again to avoid waste of materials. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today