On October 1, 18 people were selected as the third batch of preparatory astronauts of China’s manned space project, and they will become new members of China’s astronaut team; on October 7, the crew members who will carry out four missions in the construction stage of the space station have been selected, and each crew is carrying out mission training, and the space station has entered the full implementation stage. < / P > < p > in fact, since March 2017, astronaut training has been fully transferred to the mission preparation of the space station. The mission cycle of the space station is 3-6 months, which puts forward higher requirements for astronauts’ physical and mental quality, knowledge reserve and emergency response ability. According to the plan, the construction of China space station will be completed around 2022. On May 5 this year, the first phase of the construction of the space station B was successfully launched. After this mission, China will launch Tianhe core module, Wentian experimental module and Mengtian experimental module successively for on orbit assembly and construction of the basic configuration of the space station. Meanwhile, it plans to launch four Shenzhou manned spacecraft and four Tianzhou cargo spacecraft for crew rotation and cargo replenishment. < p > < p > astronaut training is carried out in an orderly way, product development, major tests With the approaching of the space station mission, the Chinese astronaut center, known as the cradle of the growth of Chinese astronauts, is fully preparing for the space station mission. < p > < p > and 3 Chinese astronauts in the capsule. They take off their spacesuits, change into Anti immersion suits, get out of the cabin, get on the inflatable bed, and send out a distress signal A set of operating procedures down, flowing. So far, the five-day training of astronauts’ autonomous exit from the cabin on water has been completed successfully. Through the training, the relevant personnel are further familiar with the water independent cabin, self rescue, mutual rescue, and survival skills. < / P > < p > all say that one minute on stage, ten years off stage. Some astronauts said that for the manned space project, it can be called “one minute in space, ten years on the ground”. < / P > < p > according to the statistics of Russia and the United States, when an astronaut completes several hours of operation in space, he has to carry out simulation training for 10 times on the ground. In view of the difficult and heavy workload of the space station, dozens of training subjects have been added to the training of Chinese astronauts, and the training hours have nearly tripled compared with the past.

novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak is threatening, and it has not been able to delay China’s astronauts training: they are training through online learning, video mocking, and teachers’ isolation. < / P > < p > the relevant person in charge of China astronaut Center said that only after repeated simulation training on the ground can we cope with the more complex environment and state in space. Especially for the difficulty and focus of “extravehicular activities” of the future space station mission, astronauts need to carry out a lot of training on basic skills such as extravehicular walking, use of general tools, transfer of objects and extravehicular rescue. < / P > < p > specifically, the training of extravehicular activities is mainly carried out in the underwater environment simulation, which is one of the most arduous training. It is an all-round challenge to the astronauts’ operation skills, physical and psychological quality – < / P > < p > the astronauts are dressed in more than 200 kg underwater training clothes, put into a 10 meter deep water tank by the crane, and lean forward to “stand” in the water through the counterweight. < / P > < p > there is resistance in the water, and training clothes are also bound by pressure, which makes every “move” of astronauts very difficult: it is very difficult to put the foot into the foot limiter in the actual operation process, not to mention climbing, screwing, installing equipment and other more difficult operations. < / P > < p > the service life of an underwater training suit is limited, so every opportunity for astronauts to enter the water is very precious. Sometimes, the astronauts have been in the water for more than six hours. When they finish landing, they are already sweating and overdrawn. Some astronauts can’t lift their arms, they can’t even hold chopsticks. < / P > < p > the relevant person in charge of the astronaut Center said that recently, the astronauts have successively participated in joint test missions, and the operation procedures inside and outside the cabin have been trained for dozens of hours. It’s hard to say, but they still train, train and retrain against the clock. < / P > < p > nowadays, the task schedule is increasingly urgent, and time is the order. In order to ensure that the back wall does not fall down, “white plus black” and “6 + 1” have become the normal work of the scientific and technological personnel of China astronaut center. Whether it is the test site, laboratory or clothing workshop, it is a busy scene. < / P > < p > in the near future, Chinese astronauts will stay in the space station for a long time, and it will be expensive to transport materials from the earth to space. The technology of environmental control and life support must change from “non regeneration” to “regeneration”, which is the bottleneck and key technology of long-term operation of space station. < / P > < p > it is conceivable that it is difficult to build a recyclable life support system similar to the earth environment in a closed and narrow space station cabin, which has been running stably for more than ten years. < / P > < p > a young team with an average age of less than 35 accepted this challenging task in 2011, and has carried out technical research and product development for many years. < p > < p > Bian Qiang has never been in charge of the team before the end of the night, in order to get off work completely. It’s common to work overtime until one or two in the evening in case of a surprise mission. < / P > < p > “the working state of our team is like running a long distance with sprint speed.” Bian Qiang said. According to him, under the high-pressure working condition, the team members have already developed excellent skills and become excellent soldiers – < / P > < p > Bian Qiang said that the technology of environmental control and life support has changed from “non regeneration” to “regeneration”. There is no precedent in China, and there are few foreign data. Team members can only feel the stone across the river. < / P > < p > through the exploration of preliminary sample development, Yang Runze, the overall director, spent two months to write a set of comprehensive test scheme for positive samples of regenerative life support. After collective discussion, he repeatedly changed it no less than 10 times, until it was determined that the work items, test process and progress node met the expectation, and the scheme was detailed and detailed, including the daily work process of each major system. < / P > < p > Product Designer Ding Ping is responsible for the most tortuous development process of a subsystem. He has been engaged in this position for nearly 8 years, and his working status is mainly in the cycle of “problems” and “solving problems”. He said with a smile that “it’s tears to say too much.”. < / P > < p > one of the most difficult problems is the corrosion and wear of a certain component material. For this reason, Ding Ping and his team members chose five materials and three different structural schemes, arranged and compared them repeatedly. After three or four years of testing for more than 10 times, they found out the best material and structure. Bian Qiang disclosed that not long ago, the environmental control and life support integrated performance test of the space station assembly was successfully completed, which fully verified the functional performance and technical indicators of the product. < / P > < p > “report, task completed, feel good!” After 17 hours, two volunteers came out of the EVA test cabin simulating the vacuum environment in orbit and got out of the cabin smoothly. < / P > < p > as we all know, the space environment is dangerous. Vacuum, high and low temperature, solar radiation and micro meteor and other adverse environmental factors make astronauts face unexpected risks all the time. Extravehicular spacesuit is a kind of personal airtight equipment which can ensure the life safety of astronauts to the maximum extent and facilitate space work at the same time. It is the “flying Robe” of astronauts. < / P > < p > according to the relevant person in charge of the extravehicular spacesuit project, the future space station missions, astronauts out of the cabin activities for a long time, many operating procedures, put forward higher requirements for extravehicular spacesuit. The scientific research personnel of the center have improved the structural layout design, clothing life and ergonomics of the extravehicular clothing. < / P > < p > the person in charge said that getting rid of the bloated and bulky, and more free extravehicular activities are the ideal extravehicular service standards in the minds of astronauts, and also the simplest wishes of designers. In recent years, they have been actively planning for improvement. < / P > < p > from March this year, the project of soft structure fitness optimization for Extravehicular service was officially launched. This has inspired the designers, but the time has been reduced from a few years to a few months, and the mission of the space station is urgent. < / P > < p > the team that created the “flying Robe” issued a military order, quantified the task to the sky, and adopted the daily report system every day. After three months of research and hard work, the upper limb part of the soft structure fitness optimization of the extravehicular service passed the evaluation smoothly, and the subsequent optimization projects are also in the process of promotion. < / P > < p > the relevant person in charge of China astronaut Center said that every midnight, the lights of the astronaut center building in the corner of Beijing Aerospace City are flashing, like stars in the night. The mission of the space station is not only an important symbol of building a powerful Aerospace country, but also an important test that the center is facing. 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