According to a prototype spy photo shared yesterday by Vietnamese informant @ chunvn8888, Google may reintroduce this setting on its new pixel 5. Although Google has been used to using monochrome back cover for pixel smart phones in recent years, the double combination design of aluminum on the top and glass on the bottom half has formed an interesting echo with the lens shield of the rectangular rear camera module. < / P > < p > although this picture only shows the back cover design of the pixel 5 prototype, it is not difficult to imagine the whole picture of the pixel 5 prototype from the images leaked earlier. < / P > < p > the rectangular rear view module in the upper left corner of the back not only cancels the soli sensor, but also replaces the long focus sub camera with an ultra wide angle lens to achieve more functions. < / P > < p > for the sake of beauty or wireless charging function, many high-end intelligent machine manufacturers have chosen the complete glass back cover. < / P > < p > however, this design also has obvious shortcomings, that is, the glass is too fragile. Interestingly, the pixel 5 prototype seems to be able to better balance the pros and cons. Global Tech