“No man’s land 3” is one of the few games that have been enhanced by the next generation console. Up to now, gearbox only emphasizes that the next generation game can realize 4K / 60fps images. However, in fact, “no man’s land 3” can get a higher frame count – 120 FPS, which is not mentioned in the promotion by gearbox and 2K. < / P > < p > according to the players on resetera, ownerless land 3 can achieve 120fps on ps5 and xboxseries x, and the resolution is reduced to 1080p. This is the performance mode of the game. The player said that he had personally tested it on ps5 and LG C9 TV, and confirmed that it was 120fps. < / P > < p > & quot; enhanced version & quot; was released on November 10, bringing an additional skill tree for each secret hunter, a new independent game mode “shooting treasure hunting Carnival”, and more exciting content, creating a new way for players to play. &The director’s editing is scheduled to be released next spring. Global Tech