According to reports, a recent survey report shows that for workers working in Amazon’s US warehouse, their injury rate is higher than the industry average. According to a survey released by the center for investigation reporting (CIR) on Tuesday, the injury rate of Amazon workers goes against the optimistic promises the company has made to lawmakers and the public. < / P > < p > this report cites Amazon’s internal safety report and weekly injury figures. Workers are more vulnerable to injuries in highly automated facilities, as well as work-related injuries during busy periods such as golden week and holiday shopping season, the report said. < / P > < p > for example, in an Amazon warehouse in DuPont, Washington, the industrial injury rate was 22 per 100 workers, five times the industry average. < / P > < p > although Amazon listed some of the warehouses with the highest injury rate in its internal security report, it did not reduce the workload of the workers involved as it could lead to order delays, according to the survey. < p > < p > Amazon sends detailed security updates to warehouse security managers across the country every month to monitor the company’s safety production. But internal data show that Amazon has not met its safety goals and the injury rate is still rising. < p > < p > Amazon claims that the use of industrial robots can make workers’ jobs easier. Industrial automation, however, increases the amount of products that workers need to process. For example, workers working in traditional warehouses grab and scan about 100 items an hour. At the same time, in warehouses using industrial robots, workers have to process 400 items an hour. A spokesman for Amazon said the company attaches great importance to the safety of workers. “Nothing is more important than the health and safety of workers. By 2020, so far, we have invested more than $1 billion in safety measures, from investment in safety technology to masks, gloves, and investment in cleaning and hygiene to prevent new coronavirus infections < p > < p > after the publication of the above survey report, Amazon has denied misleading the public in terms of injury rate. Amazon said in its email statement that the report mistakenly used security metrics, “we are very concerned about the safety of our team workers.” Global Tech