According to foreign media reports, if you are an emergency rescue worker and need a robot to help check the dangerous environment, you’d better throw the robot in quickly. With this in mind, a new robot was designed because it can automatically land on its own four wheels. The prototype, called the agile ground robot, was built by a team at West Point. < / P > < p > when the robot is thrown out, the airborne inertial measurement unit (IMU) can immediately detect that it is falling freely. And the PD – controller can be set at a different rate of rotation for each wheel. < / P > < p > the resulting strategic torque controls the pitch, roll and yaw angles of the robot, making it possible for the four wheels to land smoothly. This not only ensures that the equipment lands vertically, but also evenly distributes the impact force during landing, so as to minimize the possibility of damage. < / P > < p > agro can enter a burning building, a collapsed tunnel or any place it is exploring before human rescuers can enter. The plan calls for a future version of the robot to have curved legs and wheels at the end, which will help absorb landing impacts and allow it to cross obstacles. Global Tech

By ibmwl