Ni Huangzhong, chairman of Shi creative, a storage system manufacturer in Shenzhen, mentioned a case: packaging with wafers from Changjiang storage, the packaging yield reached 99.98%. < / P > < p > “this is a very high yield data.” Ni Huangzhong said that on the one hand, packaging technology has been very mature. “Second, it shows that Yangtze River storage’s wafer stability has reached very high requirements, so no wonder they can jump directly from layer 64 to layer 128.” < / P > < p > in the field of flash memory, the higher the number of layers, the more difficult the technology is. According to reports, Samsung, Hynix and Meguiar currently have 128 layer products; however, 92 and 96 layers are still the main products in the market; this year, the 112 layer, 128 layer and 144 layer products account for less than 15%, and it is estimated that more than 100 layers will become the mainstream in 2022. And domestic storage manufacturers from the upstream start to make efforts to follow up. < / P > < p > in the face of the gap with the international advanced technology, domestic storage manufacturers need to find a good breakthrough and advance pragmatically. Ni Huangzhong said that if you can’t catch up, don’t blindly catch up, do a good foundation and focus on one point. After all, the domestic market is big enough, and he repeatedly stressed that we should avoid low-end vicious competition and aim at high-end market. < p > < p > according to the introduction, Shichuang launched 8GB EMMC embedded products last year and 256gb version in November 2020. According to Ni Huangzhong, this is the largest EMMC product to be launched in China in the shortest time, and it has been applied to some 4G mobile phones. At present, the target is not on the flagship mobile phones, but on the “products that can benefit now”. Chen Lei, deputy general manager of Dongxin semiconductor, pointed out that memory capacity is very dependent on the entire industry chain, especially the capacity of the front channel. Because memory is always a volatile operation, it needs the support of the whole industry chain, such as wafer, package test, etc. when climbing upward, it also needs the strong support of the whole industry chain to reduce losses. < / P > < p > “after these two years of policy changes, we can see that domestic customers are very welcome to domestic devices, and many customers have plan B Chen Lei said that the company prepared two paths in the industrial chain: the main partners in the front of the wafer factory are two, one is SMIC international, the other is Taiwan Lijing; the packaging is also a partner of Ziguang Hongmao and foreign packaging testing. In the face of capital investment boom, people in the semiconductor industry seem to be worried but expectant. In addition to the emergence of blowout semiconductor companies and the unfinished chip project, one of the most worrying problems for entrepreneurs is brain drain. Ni Huangzhong laughs that his engineers get calls from headhunters every day. If the core talents in the industry are constantly mined, the enterprise’s intellectual property rights can not be effectively protected, and ultimately damage the interests of downstream customers. The reporter noted that in recent years, the core technical personnel of semiconductor listed companies have often changed, changing jobs to participate in projects that can be listed faster. On the other hand, semiconductor companies are looking forward to embracing the capital market. Ni Huangzhong said his company is not short of money, but lack of big money, if the industry ushered in a big explosion, it is bound to need large funds. At the same time, the goal of listing is not only financing, but also equal dialogue with other large companies. Global Tech