Under the platform of Jingdong small program, users with more than 90 points of Xiaobai credit are free of charge; for members of Jingdong plus, Shanli enjoys a 10% discount and a maximum of 2000 yuan discount; for members of Jingdong plus, concave convex car rental offers a maximum of 7% discount Recently, more and more consumers find that on the platform of Jingdong small program, there are a lot of discounts that can’t be enjoyed by other channels. All kinds of consumption of clothing, food, housing and transportation are VIP treatment, so fragrant! < / P > < p > the businesses that have settled in the small program platform of Jingdong are all aiming at the massive high-quality users of Jingdong, especially the members of Jingdong plus. Take the 20 million plus members of jd.com as an example. They are a group of consumers with “three high” characteristics, namely high growth, high return and high stickiness. They are the best users in the retail field. Industry insiders revealed that compared with ordinary users, the average annual consumption of members of JD plus is several times higher, which is a typical “rich mine” of users. < / P > < p > Burger King is one of the first businesses to settle in Jingdong small program platform. The small program is independently designed and developed by Burger King, the purpose is to use the small program platform to efficiently obtain high net worth members of Jingdong plus. Therefore, the design of Burger King’s small program is very “simple and crude”, which is to distribute exclusive coupons to the members of JD plus. The 50 yuan set meal will be reduced by 20 yuan, and the consumers will consume directly in the store with the coupons, bringing the high-quality users of JD to their offline stores. The PV of a single activity of Burger King app can reach more than 300000. < / P > < p > in addition to bringing tangible benefits to consumers, Jingdong app is more focused on providing consumers with “clothing, food, housing, eating, drinking and playing” consumption convenience and strength “pet powder”. Take muniao B & B as an example. In the past, if a B & B enthusiast wanted to book a B & B in muniao B & B, he needed to go through many links, such as “open the app store – search for muniao B & B – download the installation package – install – Register – log in – fill in personal information – place an order”. On JD app, users only need to “open JD – Open muniao B & B applet – place an order”, which greatly increases the convenience. < / P > < p > as the JD platform is a typical shopping and consumption scene, which is the closest scene to users and transactions, for many businesses who enter into JD app, this is the closest place to the “rich mine” of users’ consumption. From the active purchase of a certain commodity to the passive purchase of related goods and services, the past has achieved twice the result. In this case, how to stimulate the deep potential needs of users has become an important means for businesses and platforms to enhance Gmv. In this regard, whether it’s introducing high-quality evaluation and other consumer content into JD app’s apps worth buying, or the taodanbao app that pushes discount card information after users purchase To a large extent, they are helping consumers and users to solve the problems of “not knowing what to buy, not thinking about what to buy well, what is the most cost-effective” and so on. In the process of meeting the needs of consumers, they continue to generate new needs and business opportunities. < / P > < p > “zhuandanbao” is a small program to help businesses increase the transaction volume. It can help businesses improve the repurchase rate or the rate of collecting orders by means of coupon exchange, time limited value exchange and temporary warranty commodity recommendation, so as to improve the marketing efficiency. Due to the perfect connection between taodanbao and Jingdong shopping scene, it can accurately control consumer demand and guide consumer behavior more efficiently while reducing interference to consumers. < / P > < p > with the support of zhuandanbao, a cereal merchant pushed new product cards to consumers. Due to the accurate grasp of fans’ needs and high matching degree of products, the Gmv of marketing activities was significantly improved. The card click through rate is 21%, the commodity purchase rate is 22%, and the purchase conversion rate is 32%. The person in charge of zhuandanbao said that with the support of this refined marketing tool, the sales of businesses increased by 20% on average, up to 50%. < / P > < p > Jingdong small program platform was officially launched on April 22 this year, which is not too early. However, compared with other small program platforms, Jingdong small program embodies many characteristics, which makes this platform full of stamina. The reason is that due to the full scene and omni channel characteristics of Jingdong, businesses can rely on the platform to create their own “closed loop” of user experience, so as to open up the “Ren Du Er pulse” of business. < / P > < p > JD app has great value gain for businesses, developers and users. For businesses, small programs can help businesses better serve consumers and users from the perspective of whole process, whole node, whole link and whole domain; in the view of developers, they can develop more small program applications that are closest to transaction and Realization on the platform of Jingdong; from the perspective of users, small programs can let users not only buy, but also sell on the platform of Jingdong You can easily get one-stop high-quality service by visiting. < / P > < p > for example, for many home appliance businesses, goods are basically sold on the JD platform, while the needs of home appliance maintenance, function upgrading, door-to-door cleaning, value-added services, etc. need to be coordinated between different platforms and channels, which is time-consuming and laborious. When the home appliance enterprises put the after-sale, pre-sale and in-sale services on the JD app platform, users can enjoy the whole link one-stop service of “pre-sale consultation, in-sale Q & A and after-sale service”, which greatly improves the user’s purchase and use experience. < / P > < p > with Jingdong app such as xiaojingyu smart app, different home appliance businesses can also provide users with the service of controlling the whole house smart home devices with one click under the connection, coordination and integration of this smart app, instead of downloading and logging in different apps, so that the whole consumption cycle service can span businesses and brands. < / P > < p > Qingdao beer customization applet breaks the original industrialized, large-scale and unified production mode of beer, allowing users to “Customize” by means of words and pictures according to their own special needs, making beer a commodity that goes beyond beer itself and has special connotation and significance, thus becoming a carrier of record and witness for a better life 。 This new trend of cultural and spiritual consumption, which goes beyond commodity consumption, is naturally more in line with the consumption preference of generation Z today. < / P > < p > for developers, Jingdong app has opened up many platforms such as Jingdong app, Jingdong financial app and Jingmai app. Businesses and developers can quickly cover the whole system of Jingdong traffic by publishing their own Jingdong app with one click. They can enjoy powerful services from Jingdong entrance through various channels such as search, scan, centralized entrance, stores and commodity details Yes. Relying on the huge advantages of strategic cooperation and seamless docking between JD and wechat, JD app can make businesses and developers fully enjoy the unique and complementary traffic dividend of “JD + wechat, JD app + wechat app, shopping consumption traffic domain + Social Entertainment traffic domain”. < / P > < p > compared with other small program platforms, Jingdong small program has the most complete global capabilities of transaction, payment, marketing, membership, foundation, logistics, supply chain, etc., so that businesses and developers of different types and different needs can cut in from a single point, and then quickly connect with various capabilities of Jingdong, so as to build their own characteristic scenes and brand tonality, and finally realize the full application Process, all nodes, all links to serve the majority of consumers and users. < / P > < p > in order to better serve businesses and developers supporting Jingdong app, Jingdong app also launched the “Beijing + Plan” for high-quality apps. The high-quality small programs selected in the Beijing + program will enjoy the special preferential treatment of Jingdong small program in terms of green channel, traffic support, technical support, cloud service, etc., which is expected to become the benchmark of Jingdong small program platform. < / P > < p > as a supply chain based technology and service enterprise, JD is committed to technology-based, data-driven, supply chain and logistics based, using advanced technology and services to help more small and medium-sized businesses obtain business opportunities. These innovative technologies and high-quality services reshape the industry standards, provide new business opportunities for businesses and create better experience for consumers. And Jingdong small program is undoubtedly such commercial infrastructure. Small program, big business. Through the small program platform, JD is building a flexible, integrated and symbiotic ecosystem to create greater value for all parties. 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