Recently, Ms. Zhu, who lives in Xuhui District, reported that when she bought a set meal from a hungry merchant, she found that the price of the same set meal on the takeout platform was nearly twice as high as the price of a restaurant. When she used a bunch of coupons, the price she got was almost the same as that of a restaurant. Ms. Zhu questioned that this kind of activity of raising prices first and then giving preferential treatment is a false increase in prices. < p > < p > Ms. Zhu said that she bought the set meal in Dongchi Bento shop on the hungry platform. Usually, a set meal with a price of more than 20 yuan in the store usually costs more than 40 yuan on the platform. Only by using various kinds of coupons can the price be reduced to the same as the market price, but it also depends on how many coupons customers have. A set meal with more than 20 yuan per meal was doubled when it arrived at the takeout platform. Miss Zhu thought it was very unreasonable, so she called the store to complain. < / P > < p > the merchants put the responsibility on the platform, so Ms. Zhu called the platform again. Ms. Zhu said that the platform told her that they were not responsible for the pricing of the goods. < / P > < p > who ordered the food price on the takeaway platform? Take a look at the news. Knews found the Dongchi Bento humin Road store where Ms. Zhu reflected the situation. Take a look at the news. Knews reporter saw in the Bento store that the price of crispy chicken leg rice on the platform was 45.99 yuan, and the actual price in the store was 27 yuan. The price on the takeaway platform was 19 yuan higher than that of the restaurant. And the store said that the price on the takeout platform was set by the platform side. < / P > < p > then, to see if news news reporters called hungry, customer service personnel said that the platform will not help the store to set online product prices, but the regional manager who connects the platform side and the store has the right to intervene. < / P > < p > after going out of the store where Ms. Zhu reported the situation, news reporter knews opened the platform again and found a rice noodle shop, a bowl of original snail powder, and marked the price of 38 on the platform. After using the discount, the actual price paid was 21 yuan. < p > < p > then, after news reporters called the merchant, they told them that in fact, the price of this bowl of noodles in the store was 18 yuan. < / P > < p > in response to news news news reporters’ reflection of the unreasonably high price, the official replied in writing. The other side said that the commodity pricing of merchants was set by merchants in the background, and the platform was approved. For unreasonable prices, the platform will also communicate and negotiate with merchants to create a good consumption platform for consumers. According to the consumer protection law, operators should clearly mark the price of goods or services provided. However, this kind of discount behavior by platform merchants after increasing the price and falsely bidding the original price, or it belongs to price fraud. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities