The price of lithium hexafluorophosphate, the raw material of lithium battery, has risen sharply in recent years. According to Xinlu’s latest price quotation, the domestic transaction price of lithium hexafluorophosphate on October 14 was between 85000 yuan and 90000 yuan, which was at least 10000 yuan / ton higher than that at the end of September. In addition, since the middle of September, many domestic lithium hexafluorophosphate manufacturers announced that they would stop the quotation of relevant raw materials. The person in charge of a domestic lithium hexafluorophosphate supplier told the Securities Daily that the quotation was stopped because the supply of lithium hexafluorophosphate was in short supply and the enterprise had no inventory. The person in charge disclosed that after more than a year of continuous price reduction, the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate has reached the industry average cost line, and there is basically no large-scale capacity expansion in the market since 2019. With the rapid recovery of the production and sales of new energy electric vehicles in the second half of the year, the demand for lithium hexafluorophosphate is increasing rapidly. < p > < p > according to the data of China Automobile Industry Association, the production and sales of domestic new energy vehicles in September were booming. In September, the production and sales of new energy vehicles all exceeded 130000, reaching 136000 and 138000 respectively, with a month on month increase of 28.9% and 26.2%, and a year-on-year increase of 48.0% and 67.7%. “This year, China’s new energy vehicle sales are expected to exceed 1 million.” China Automobile Association said so. < / P > < p > “at present, domestic electrolyte suppliers have started production at full capacity to meet a large number of orders, but the capacity is still insufficient. The way of collection has been close to cash and spot. ” For this round of price increases, the above-mentioned supplier responsible person said or will continue until next year. < / P > < p > Lithium ion battery plays an important role in the application of new energy vehicles, which is composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte and diaphragm. Among them, electrolyte is the medium of lithium ion migration and charge transfer, which is referred to as the “blood” of lithium-ion battery. The conductivity, water content and acid content of electrolyte directly affect the performance of lithium-ion battery, such as energy density, charge discharge rate and cycle life. As the core of electrolyte, lithium hexafluorophosphate is the most widely used lithium salt in commercial application, and its substitutability is low. < / P > < p > it is understood that, unlike other lithium battery materials, there is no obvious capacity bottleneck for the electrolyte, and its price mainly follows the fluctuation of raw materials. This round of price increase of electrolyte is caused by the high price of lithium hexafluorophosphate and solvent. “Lithium hexafluorophosphate is the cost center of electrolyte, and the cost accounts for a high proportion. Its price change directly determines the price trend of electrolyte.” Cao Bin, chairman of Tianzhu Hongfu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily. Cao Bin told reporters that lithium hexafluorophosphate is one of the areas with high barriers to entry in electrolyte and even lithium-ion battery materials, with high investment intensity, strong scale effect and cost advantage of leading enterprises in the industry. In addition, the raw material purity of lithium hexafluorophosphate is very high, and there are technical bottlenecks in the preparation process, such as difficult control of safe production, high requirements of anhydrous environment, high requirements of free acid and insoluble matter content. < / P > < p > it is understood that the properties of lithium hexafluorophosphate are unstable, and the storage conditions are very strict. Long term storage will lead to deterioration of the product. Therefore, it has the characteristics of small inventory and short inventory cycle. In the first half of this year, the demand for lithium hexafluorophosphate industry was sluggish, which led to a certain inventory of lithium hexafluorophosphate industry. With the continuous recovery of lithium battery market, the growth of demand drives the volume and price of raw materials in the industry. Some lithium industry insiders who do not want to be named told the Securities Daily that at present, the price rise mode of raw materials has been opened, and the main suppliers have been out of stock and stopped reporting to varying degrees. It is expected that within one month after the national day, lithium hexafluorophosphate will gradually rise to 100000 yuan / ton. “We don’t rule out the speculation behind the scenes, but there is indeed market demand support, so it is almost impossible to reduce the price.”. < / P > < p > under the background of the global electric 2.0 wave, the heat of the new energy vehicle industry is accelerating to recover. According to the prediction of European transport and Environment Agency, as automobile manufacturers continue to introduce new electric vehicle models in Europe to meet the emission regulations, one tenth of the new cars sold in Europe this year will be pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and the sales of electric vehicles will double compared with last year. As the main production place of lithium hexafluorophosphate is in China, the global demand for new energy vehicles has an obvious pulling effect on lithium hexafluorophosphate. Some research reports predict that the global demand for electrolyte will increase to 430000 tons next year, and the global demand for lithium hexafluorophosphate will increase to 54000 tons. Liu, manager of a lithium-ion battery material manufacturer in Henan Province, told reporters that at present, about half of domestic lithium salts and solvents are sent abroad, and the demand of foreign countries has increased greatly this year. According to its disclosure, at present, LG, Panasonic and Samsung demand about 10000 tons, 8000 tons and 5000 tons of electrolyte in a single month. At home, the demand of Ningde times and BYD also reached 8000 tons and 4000 tons. It is expected that the supply gap of electrolyte raw materials will continue until next year. In addition, the reporter noted that in addition to lithium hexafluorophosphate, the current supply of lithium difluorophosphate is also in short supply. According to the above-mentioned people, the total domestic consumption of lithium difluorophosphate is about 50 tons / month, and the demand will expand to more than 100 tons / month next year. The total consumption of foreign users will also exceed 100 tons / month. The market gap will increase by 20% every year. < / P > < p > the people in the lithium power industry believe that the prices of lithium difluorophosphate and lithium hexafluorophosphate were at the bottom of the cycle for a long time, and some high-cost production capacity in the industry was shut down, and it took a certain time for the capacity to start, climb and reach full capacity. In this regard, Lin Shi, a columnist of sina finance and economics, said that at present, the capacity of leading lithium battery enterprises is at full capacity, while the utilization rate of backward capacity is still low, and the actual capacity of the industry is still less than the nominal capacity. It is expected that with the growth of demand, the average capacity utilization rate of the industry is expected to increase. In the long run, with the growth of downstream demand and the continuous improvement of supply and demand pattern, the average price of lithium hexafluorophosphate will further rise, and enterprises in the industry are expected to benefit significantly. Privacy Policy