Jon Prosser, a well-known whistleblower, revealed that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 series does not have a 120Hz promotion display. Since the promotion display first appeared on the iPad pro, there have been rumors that the iPhone will carry it. As early as October last year, it was reported that Apple would release an iPhone with a 120 Hz refresh rate screen this year. Earlier this year, there were also rumors that the iPhone 12 would be Apple’s first product with a 120 Hz refresh rate screen. < / P > < p > however, in August, it was reported that Apple would release the entire iPhone 12 later this year without a 120Hz promotion display. Ross young, founder and CEO of display supply chain consulting (DSCC) and screen supply chain analyst Ross young, said the new iPhone 12 does not support high refresh rate hardware or a 120Hz driver chip. < / P > < p > on Friday, informant Jon Prosser also said mass production of the iPhone 12 started last week, but the iPhone 12 with 120Hz promotion display will not be mass produced, and the reason is unclear. That said, this year’s new iPhone won’t have a 120Hz promotion display. According to foreign media reports, promotion’s impact on battery life may be the reason for iPhone 12 to give up the high refresh rate display. < / P > < p > it is reported that the current maximum refresh rate of the iPhone is 60Hz, and the improvement of the refresh rate can greatly reduce the dragging and jamming of the screen. A refresh rate of 120Hz means smoother screen animation, more responsive interaction and better game performance. (Fox) < A= target=_ blank>Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure