According to foreign media reports, APP clips is one of the new features brought by IOS 14. This feature is described by Apple as a small part of a user’s application that can be made available to users at the right time. “App clips focuses on getting a task done quickly. An ideal app clips experience allows users to open and complete a task in seconds, “Apple said. < / P > < p > no need to download from the app store, just load and run through Safari browser. Once the experience is completed, the complete application download will be provided to users. Apple’s early examples include takeaway order applications, electric scooter rental applications, or first installation applications. < p > < p > game developer FIRI Games has deployed such an app clips for their space shooting game Phoenix 2. It is understood that users can access the app clips website on IOS 14 devices and click the “play” button on the banner at the top of the screen to use the app clips function. After downloading the content for a while, Phoenix 2 seems to run on the device as a native app clip. Global Tech