Recently, the pci-sig organization confirmed that the version of version v0.7 of the standard version of PCIe 6.0 has been distributed to its members. The formulation of the standard is on the right track and will be officially established in 2021. The pin speed of pci6.0 is increased to 64 GT / s, which is 8 times of that of pci3.0. The bandwidth of x16 channel can be increased by 256gb / s. In other words, the current speed of pci3.0 X8 can be realized by only one PCIe 6.0 channel. < / P > < p > from the perspective of v0.7, most of the features announced at the beginning have been realized by pci6.0, but the power consumption is still further improved. The power configuration gear of l0p is newly introduced in the standard. In other aspects, pci6.0 introduces forward error correction (FEC) mechanism, pam4 signaling modulation, and more importantly, compatibility. < / P > < p > for consumers, maybe we can see 8 times the SSD hard disk of Samsung 970 Pro when it comes to the market. < p > < p > of course, after the announcement in 2021, PCIe 6.0 will not be commercially available until 2023 or 2024. Just like the approval of pci5.0 in 2019, there is no application case so far. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days