On December 22, it was reported that the General Administration of market supervision and the Ministry of Commerce organized an administrative guidance meeting on regulating the order of community group buying, which was attended by six Internet platform enterprises including Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, meituan, pinduoduo and didi. The meeting fully affirmed the positive significance and important role of the economic development of Internet platform, and seriously pointed out the prominent problems such as the current low price dumping of community group buying and the resulting squeeze on employment. < p > < p > it is hoped that Internet platform enterprises will earnestly practice the people-centered development concept, take the initiative to assume greater social responsibility, and create new momentum for economic development and promote scientific and technological innovation More actions and responsibilities should be taken in the new era, safeguarding public interests, safeguarding and improving people’s livelihood. < / P > < p > first, it is not allowed to abuse the independent pricing power by means of low price dumping, price collusion, bid up prices, price fraud, etc. Besides reducing the price of fresh goods, seasonal goods and overstocked goods according to law, it is strictly forbidden to dump goods at a price lower than the cost for the purpose of crowding out competitors or monopolizing the market. Fourth, it is not allowed to illegally implement the concentration of business operators, eliminate and restrict competition. If the concentration of business operators reaches the declaration standard stipulated by the State Council, it shall be declared in advance, and those without declaration shall not be concentrated. < / P > < p > fifthly, it is not allowed to carry out unfair competition behaviors such as commercial confusion, false publicity and commercial slander, which will harm the fair competition market environment. It is strictly prohibited to fabricate, spread false information or carry out misleading commercial propaganda, damage the commercial reputation and commodity reputation of competitors, deceive and mislead consumers. The seventh is not to use technical means to damage the order of competition and hinder the normal operation of other market entities. It is not allowed to use the service agreement, transaction rules, technology and other means to impose unreasonable restrictions or conditions on the platform operators’ transactions, transaction prices and transactions with other operators, or to charge unreasonable fees to the platform operators. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4