Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and have been trained to help humans identify cancer, malaria, explosives, drugs and so on. During the outbreak, the British scientific team tried to train dogs to help people quickly detect virus carriers, hoping to become a powerful screening tool in public places.

with the unremitting efforts of the scientific team at the University of Hanover, eight sniffer dogs have been successfully infected with sars-cov-2 (Coronavirus strain causing covid-19 disease) and uninfected control group after one week’s training.

the scientific team collected 1012 saliva and tracheobronchial samples, and then the dog’s task was to identify those infected with sars-cov-2. The samples were randomly distributed, so neither the researchers nor the dog’s trainers knew which were positive.

the final test results showed that the dogs correctly identified 157 positive samples and 792 negative samples, but mistakenly identified 33 negative samples and mistakenly rejected 30 positive samples. All this resulted in an average sensitivity of 83%, an average specificity of 96%, and an overall average detection rate of 94%.

Professor Holger Volk, author of the study, said: “the results are encouraging. This lays a solid foundation for future research, which can distinguish different disease time or clinical phenotype by dog odor