Around the iPhone 12, there are still some secrets to be revealed, such as baseband selection, memory capacity, battery capacity, and so on, which ultimately need to be determined after the actual machine is handed over or even disassembled. According to Korean media reports, LG Innotek is supplying 5g antenna module substrate for iPhone 12. < p > < p > specifically, LG supplies the substrate to Qualcomm, which manufactures antennas and RF RF modules for shipment to apple. In other words, the 5g communication signal module on the iPhone 12 is jointly developed by apple and Qualcomm. In fact, as early as July this year, LG innot announced that it would invest 127.4 billion won (about 740 million yuan) in turtle tail project to ensure the production of communication semiconductor substrate. In terms of device selection, it is said that the iPhone 12 uses the high pass snapdragon x5555g baseband, that is, the set on the snapdragon 865. The American version of the millimeter wave antenna module is qtm052. The size of qtm052 is very small. Maybe because of this, the whole series of iPhone 12 will be able to achieve a uniform thickness of 7.4mm this year. Moreover, the iPhone 12 Mini can be more delicate than the iPhone 8 in three dimensions, and its weight is only 133g. < / P > < p > in addition, the introduction of high pass baseband and and antenna seems to reassure some users that the signal “nightmare” of previous generations of Intel baseband will stop. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region