novel coronavirus pneumonia was supported by Mongolia in 2020. In February 27th, President Bart Tuhr Yanga of Mongolia announced that he would donate 30 thousand sheep to China. It is reported that the 30000 sheep donated were purchased from herdsmen by the Mongolian government. < p > < p > according to domestic media reports, at 10 a.m. on November 9, “Mongolia donated 30000 sheep transport special vehicle” officially started from Dongxihu bonded logistics center of Wuhan Xingang airport comprehensive bonded zone to pick up the first 12000 sheep donated by Mongolia to Hubei Province, and it is expected to arrive in Erlianhot, Inner Mongolia, two and a half days later. < p > < p > it is reported that the first batch of 10 container cold chain trucks, each of which is expected to carry 1200 slaughtered and quarantine inspected sheep. The sheep are expected to arrive at Yangluo port in Wuhan on November 15. < p > < p > it is reported that all vehicles and containers have been completely disinfected one week before departure, and all drivers and passengers have been tested for nucleic acid, and the drivers have been trained. Special personnel are responsible for the monitoring of each vehicle, so as to ensure the safety and smooth arrival of sheep donated by Mongolia to China. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19