In the circle of cars, the special supply of Chinese market generally does not take advantage of public opinion. Limited by the backward automobile culture, in the past, Chinese people used European market as the standard for a good car. In most people’s impression, the special supply of China represents: simple configuration, longer wheelbase that loses driving quality, and only cares about face but ignores lining. However, what can not be ignored is that when China becomes the largest market in the world, it is obviously unreasonable not to make special models or special functions for Chinese people when more and more auto companies are in the world’s largest market. For example, both Europe and the United States have more car ownership per capita than China. According to the statistical bulletin of national economic and social development in 2019 issued by the National Bureau of statistics. According to the data of the communique, there are 261.5 million civil vehicles in China by the end of 2019, an increase of 21.22 million over the end of 2018. Among these motor vehicles, the number of tricycles and low-speed goods vehicles is 7.62 million. After deducting tricycles and low-speed goods vehicles, China has about one car for every seven people. According to the data released by the world bank, the number of cars per thousand people in the United States is 837. The car ownership of Europe as a whole will be slightly less, but the car ownership per thousand people is about 500, with an average of two people owning a car. From this data, we can see that Chinese people have a greater rigid demand for large cars, or cars with large rear space, than in Europe and the United States. The rationality of the long wheelbase model made by automobile enterprises is obvious. < / P > < p > another example is that in terms of vehicle intelligent interconnection, China’s Internet industry is moving too fast. The demand of Chinese consumers is obviously more and more complex than that of consumers in European and American markets. Car companies develop special needs for Chinese users, which can make car owners take advantage of it, and it is worth encouraging. < / P > < p > before the national day, Beijing auto show just experienced the brand-new BMW intelligent interconnection function at the BMW booth. The experience is: when most people still think that only Tesla and a group of new car making forces will care about the interconnection function of vehicles, BMW This set of “China special supply” intelligent interconnection function is still quite good, but there are also problems in the experience level. < / P > < p > the whole set of intelligent interconnection functions specially provided by China is based on the update of iDrive 7 vehicle engine system. That is the BMW central control which many people say will remain unchanged for ten thousand years. < / P > < p > in fact, although the overall design style is similar to the previous ones, the experience in central control of BMW with iDrive 7 has been greatly improved. What’s more, the functions that can be carried on the central control screen, which seems not radical in design, are not lost even compared with those car companies that focus on promoting intelligence. < / P > < p > this new set of intelligent Internet experience can be roughly divided into four parts: Apple carkey, intelligent voice interaction, new car entertainment experience and intelligent parking function. < / P > < p > let’s first look at Apple carkey, which was announced on the WWDC in June this year. Based on the update of vehicle hardware, car owners can realize the function of using iPhone or apple watch as car key. < / P > < p > the whole unlocking experience is actually similar to swiping a bus card. After the iPhone and apple watch are attached to the door handle, the vehicle will automatically unlock. After entering the car, the owner can put the iPhone on the wireless charging board of the vehicle, and then the vehicle can be started directly without key. < / P > < p > in fact, it doesn’t matter, but it has a good function. It will be matched with BMW models produced after July 2020. Car owners can also share car keys with other people through iPhone. If their mobile phones are lost, they can cancel their car key authority directly on icloud to avoid losing their cars. < / P > < p > the advantage of this set of functions is that you can almost completely discard the car key, after all, you can’t forget your mobile phone or watch every day. But there are also experience problems. For safety, you need to put the iPhone and apple watch close to the door handle to unlock it. The posture is not very convenient. This experience is a bit like the “key card” that many car companies now use. < p > < p > of course, this feature is available in all BMW models around the world, and it also cooperates with apple. However, in the Chinese market, BMW is the first to deliver this function to consumers. < p > < p > in fact, there are many car models that claim to have voice assistant, but few of them are really easy to use. In fact, there are two factors that determine the usability of voice assistant: 1. Semantic understanding ability; 2. Voice assistant control authority. < p > < p > semantic understanding ability determines whether the speech assistant can understand human speech. The standard of “human speech” is not rigid instruction, but random speech. The control ability of voice assistant determines the practicability of voice assistant. After all, if the voice assistant can only achieve a few scattered functions, it is better not to use it. < / P > < p > for example, you can say “Hello, BMW, I can’t see the outside clearly”, “open the window defrost”, “close the defrost”, “I can’t see the outside clearly”, “the glass is too fuzzy”, “the window is foggy”, and so on to turn on the defrosting and defogging function. For example, after saying “Hello, BMW, I’m a little cold” in the past, turn on the air conditioner in the car and set the corresponding temperature. Now, the voice system can recognize the wake-up words such as “air conditioner blows feet”, “air conditioner blows upper body”, and accurately controls the air direction of the air conditioner blowing on the head, upper body or feet. Changes in wind direction will also be displayed on the central control screen. < / P > < p > in addition, this set of voice assistant can also set reminders, such as setting some reminders triggered when getting on and off the bus, such as “remind me to go to the trunk for express delivery” when you get off the bus, and the car will give you a reminder before you turn off the engine. Car owners can also view the list of reminders through the app. < / P > < p > in addition to the original voice of BMW, iDrive 7 also integrates the voice assistant of tmall genie, which can do some “more localized” functions such as ordering takeout. However, the problem is that the activation language of the voice assistant is “tmall genie”, rather than integrated into “Hello BMW”. At the same time, the two voice systems will have a little learning cost, which is a little confusing when you start. < / P > < p > through the cooperation with Tencent, BMW has added Tencent small scenes to id7. In short, it is a small program like function. At present, there are more than ten small scenes that can be directly used in the system. The overall experience is similar to using app directly on the car terminal. However, the current problem is that there is no app store for small scenes. The small scenes that users can use are online after being approved by BMW and Tencent. The user’s degree of freedom is not so high, and the location of small scenes can’t be customized by users. Therefore, if you have some high-frequency use of small scenes, you still need to look for them in the list of all small scenes when using them, which is not special Convenient. < / P > < p > car borne watermelon video can view the video directly from the traffic on the car, which is convenient for the car owner to use the idle time such as red light. All videos are within 90 seconds, and when the speed exceeds 5 km / h, it will automatically stop, which will not affect the driving safety. However, in the current version, the car watermelon video does not support users to log in to their own account, and the recommended video content is also random content less than 90 seconds, which will not be personalized recommended according to the user’s viewing habits. < / P > < p > in addition to all the above updates, the latest feature of id7 this time should be the industry’s first indoor parking map. In short, this set of maps realizes the accurate positioning of the parking lot, so that drivers can clearly understand the layout and parking location of the parking lot, and avoid the problem of not finding a car. At present, nearly 100 parking lots in Beijing and Shanghai have supported this function. All BMW models with id7 produced after July can be used. < p > < p > Apple carkey, car app, voice control specially adapted to Chinese market, car watermelon video and indoor parking map, BMW provides Chinese car owners with more intelligent Internet functions than any other market in the world. As a traditional automobile manufacturer, BMW has avoided failing to keep up with “China’s speed” through a series of localized research and development. Even after the National Day holiday, in the Chinese market, BMW launched an app called “my BMW”, which integrates the control function of the original intelligent Internet app for vehicles, as well as new community, charging map and service e-commerce functions. However, it is necessary to say that a series of new functions seem to be very rich, but there is still a lot of room for optimization and improvement in the experience of each function, which requires the subsequent OTA functions to be improved. < / P > < p > fortunately, each function point has gradually kept up with each other. Next, it depends on the update rhythm of the system to see if it can catch up with the new forces in the industry including Tesla. Global Tech