Beijing, November 6 (Xinhua) on November 6, the State Administration of market supervision, the central network information office and the State Administration of Taxation jointly held an administrative guidance meeting on standardizing online economic order. The meeting stressed that Internet platform enterprises should face up to the existing problems, adhere to the operation according to law and regulations, be brave in assuming social responsibility, constantly strengthen self-discipline and self-management, and jointly promote the healthy and standardized development of online economy. The main purpose of the executive guidance meeting is to deeply study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and a series of policy requirements and work arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the healthy development of online economy, grasp the opportunities and challenges brought by Online Economic Development, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages, and continuously promote the rectification of online platform monopoly, unfair competition and counterfeiting We should create a standardized, orderly and healthy online market environment. The meeting pointed out that since this year, online economy has played a positive role in coping with the epidemic situation and promoting economic and social development, and has become an important new driving force for economic and social development, providing important support for smooth national economic cycle and promoting high-quality economic development. While playing a positive role, online economy also has problems that can not be ignored. In particular, during the “double 11” promotion period, the competition disorder such as forcing merchants to “choose one from two” is prominent, the promotion rules are hidden, fake and shoddy goods are prohibited repeatedly, the implementation of consumer rights protection is difficult, illegal advertising occurs from time to time, and live marketing problems are prominent, which infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, and disrupt the online market order. < p > < p > the meeting stressed that Internet platform enterprises should face up to the existing problems, assume the main responsibility of ecological governance within the platform, earnestly fulfill the commitment of Internet platform enterprises on maintaining good market order and promoting the healthy development of the industry, adhere to the operation according to law and strengthen self-discipline and self-management. < / P > < p > do not abuse the dominant position of the market to exclude restricting competition. It is not allowed to abuse market dominant position, monopoly agreement and illegal concentration of operators; it is not allowed to abuse dominant position to force businesses to “choose one from two” and impose unreasonable restrictions or additional unreasonable conditions on operators’ choice of platform; it is not allowed to use technical means to hinder or destroy the normal operation of network products or services legally provided by other operators Good behavior. < / P > < p > consciously maintain the order of online economic competition. It is forbidden to commit false behaviors such as swiping orders, swiping reviews, and speculation in letters. It is not allowed to issue grandiose live broadcast “war reports” to increase traffic, engage in illegal competition such as reputation defamation and coerce transactions, or conduct “invisible” unfair competition based on algorithm recommendation, artificial intelligence and big data analysis. < / P > < p > strengthen the management of online sales of fake and shoddy goods. We should strictly implement product quality responsibility, strictly control the publicity and sales circulation of counterfeit and shoddy commodities, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and actively assist law enforcement departments in investigating and punishing illegal acts of infringement and counterfeiting. < / P > < p > strengthen food safety management. Strictly perform the qualification examination and food safety management responsibilities of network operators, ensure the authenticity of registration and license documents of network operators, and shall not sell food with unknown origin, illegal channels and potential quality and safety hazards. < / P > < p > strengthen advertising audit. We should strictly regulate the behavior of advertising, improve the quality of advertising, carry forward the socialist core values, and put an end to false propaganda and vulgar content. < / P > < p > strengthen the price management of goods and services in the platform. Strengthen the pre examination of price promotion scheme, strengthen the control of false discount behavior, and do not take advantage of their own advantages to charge unreasonable fees from operators in the platform. < / P > < p > strengthen the protection of consumers’ rights and interests. Establish the concept of consumer first, improve the efficient and convenient complaint handling and feedback mechanism. In accordance with the law, we will implement the regulations on returning goods without reason and “Three Guarantees” for seven days of online shopping, and actively explore the innovation of consumer protection system. < / P > < p > strengthen personal information protection. We should attach great importance to the safety, use and protection of consumer’s personal information and data, and strictly prevent the leakage and abuse of personal information and data. Strictly control the excessive collection, disclosure and abuse of user data by various platforms and apps to avoid secondary risks such as telecom fraud. < / P > < p > to fulfill the tax obligation according to law. Abide by the “tax collection and management law” and its implementation rules, “e-commerce law” and other laws and regulations, perform tax obligations according to law, and enjoy tax preferences according to law. < p > < p > after the double “11” period, the market supervision department should focus on the outstanding problems strongly reflected by the people, investigate and deal with a number of illegal cases according to law, expose a number of illegal cases, and promulgate a batch of rules and regulations intensively. Recently, the General Administration of market supervision has promulgated the Interim Provisions on the examination of concentration of business operators, the Interim Provisions on regulating promotion behavior, and the guiding opinions on strengthening the supervision of online live marketing activities. Next, it will formulate and promulgate a number of institutional measures to standardize the development of online economy, such as the measures for the supervision and administration of online transactions, and the anti-monopoly guide for the platform economy industry. The local market supervision departments of the major Internet platform enterprises should implement the territorial management responsibility, further strengthen the research on online economy, deepen the understanding and grasp the mechanism, strengthen the supervision and law enforcement based on the problem, strengthen the offline interview, online guidance and legal publicity and education, supervise and guide the platform enterprises to improve their internal management ability, fulfill their legal obligations and fulfill their main responsibilities Maintain the order of economic fair competition on the same protection line.

Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places of the market supervisory department responsible person, Jingdong, Kwai Mei, 58 city, Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou, byte beating, fast hand, drop, micro shop, Sina micro-blog, multi-point, shell looking for room, many spells, Gome online, hungry, Xiaohong book, Ctrip Suning, same Cheng, Alibaba, Bei Representatives of 27 major Internet platform enterprises, including Beiwang,, mogujie, xingshengyouyou, vipshop and Tencent, attended the meeting. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States