The US consumer news and business channel (CNBC) has just reported that, according to the sources told CNBC, US President trump is expected to make a decision on tiktok’s fate in the United States in the next 24 to 36 hours. In addition, Wal Mart is expected to cooperate with Oracle, which will own about 20% of tiktok, according to sources. According to previous CNBC news, trump said at a White House press conference on the 16th that he did not like the current cooperation agreement between Oracle and tiktok, because tiktok’s US business would not be sold to Oracle, and he was also told that the US Treasury Department would not be able to get compensation from the deal. Before this, trump has repeatedly publicly stated that after completing the transaction with tiktok, whether Microsoft or other companies have completed the transaction with tiktok, a considerable part of the money must be handed over to the U.S. Treasury Department as compensation for facilitating the transaction. This statement caused great controversy. On the 14th of this month, tiktok submitted a solution to the US government. According to media disclosure, Oracle will provide cloud services for tiktok, which does not involve the sale of tiktok or the transfer of its core technology. On the 14th, Wang Wenbin, spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, said on the issue of the sale of tiktok’s business in the United States. China has made clear its position on tiktok for many times. The hunting of tiktok in the United States is a typical government coercion transaction. Wang Wenbin pointed out that on the one hand, some American politicians advocate the realization of fairness and equality and build the so-called “clean network”. On the other hand, without any evidence, they generalize the concept of national security, abuse national power, and unreasonably suppress and coerce non-U.S. enterprises with leading advantages in a certain field, which fully exposes the minority politics of the United States The real intention of usurpation and the ugly face of economic bullying. Global Tech