As a well-known super run manufacturer in the world, the birth of each Bugatti model will cause widespread concern. A few days ago, Bugatti officially released the official figure of Bugatti bolide. The new car adopts a very sci-fi appearance design, and the weight / power ratio has reached an unprecedented 0.67kg/ps, which is almost comparable to formula one (F1), so it can be said that it is specially designed for the track. < / P > < p > the front face of the new car adopts a very complex aerodynamic structure, but it still retains Bugatti’s classic horseshoe hole front grille design. Because it’s the track version, the headlamp group only adopts the thin strip led design. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the new car adopts a global innovative roof air inlet deformable shape technology, so as to realize active airflow optimization; when driving at low speed, the surface of the shovel remains smooth. But when driving at high speed, an arc-shaped bubble will be raised to reduce the air resistance by 10% and ensure that the lifting force is reduced by 17%. In addition, the air flow from the roof to the rear spoiler is optimized. At the speed of 320 km / h, the downforce at the rear of the car reaches 1800 kg and that at the front reaches 800 kg. < / P > < p > due to the track orientation, the interior of the new car will become the “most rudimentary” Bugatti, with only digital all LCD meters, racing steering wheel and racing bucket chair. Cut off the rest. < / P > < p > to report the parameters, 8.0t w16 four turbocharged engine, maximum power 1850 HP, maximum torque 1850 nm. The weight of the car is only 1240 kg, with an average of 0.67 kg per horsepower, resulting in the figure of 0.67. < p > < p > in the aspect of upwind cooling system, the secondary cooling system is used to achieve the best cooling effect for the new car. The intake air of the new car is drained from both sides of the front surround through two air pipes inside and outside the vehicle. The two water coolers at the front of the front axle are more effective than F1 cars in terms of air flow. < / P > < p > at the same time, the whole car is also equipped with three large size oil coolers, which are used for engine, gearbox and differential with cooler. In this way, even in the high dynamic requirements of the track, there will be no high temperature conditions. In addition, the new car also uses a newly developed carbon titanium hybrid turbofan to cool the high-performance braking system. < / P > < p > however, bolide Xu is Bugatti’s last work in the Volkswagen Group. There is a rumor that Volkswagen Group will sell the Bugatti brand to rimac brand. If the rumor comes true, the future Bugatti model will no longer have the legend of w16. At this time, this bolide may be the end of its fuel vehicle. Global Tech