A well-known uncle wrote that the mass effect trilogy, which had been rumored for a long time, was originally intended to appear in the moon, but EA and BioWare hesitated for a long time and decided to postpone it until next spring. The main obstacle, it is said, is that the first work in the trilogy has negative player expectations, especially compared with the last two. In fact, me Diezhong is generally tolerant of the first work. I don’t understand why EA and BioWare want to add weight to themselves. Maybe they are worried that the new players who contact the series for the first time will be scared away by the ancient atmosphere of the first work. < p > < p > the biggest problem of the first work is that the quality of the picture is not high, and the exploration elements are insufficient. The dialogue and plot alone still win many RPG fans. The source said that the developers realized the problems of the first work, and they had to give fans an account. < p > < p > EA also intends to cut off the multi player part of me3 and include all (single machine) DLC contents involved in the three me works, making the me trilogy a true legend. In addition, Gog has launched the first and sequel of “alloy equipment”: alloy equipment has landed on the PC platform before, but has never released a digital version. In addition to MGS and mgs2, the Gog platform of Poland’s donkeys launched eight Konami classics. In addition to MGS and mgs2, a 87 version of Mg first work was also included, which together with the five digital versions of devil city / hundola classics released before, formed the Konami collection series. Global Tech