On the same day, the website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau also released the policy interpretation of the circular on further protecting minors from the infringement of electronic cigarettes, which clearly pointed out that at present, the domestic e-cigarette market is in chaos, the product quality is uneven, and a large number of products have serious quality and safety risks such as unsafe ingredients addition, cigarette oil leakage, and poor quality batteries. In particular, in order to improve the attractiveness of products, some e-cigarette enterprises add various additives at will to change the taste and color of e-cigarettes, which has a serious harm to the physical and mental health of consumers, especially minors. Therefore, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the State Administration of market supervision and administration decided to jointly issue the circular on the prohibition of selling electronic cigarettes to minors issued in August last year, aiming to implement the spirit and requirements of relevant laws and regulations such as the law on the protection of minors and the advertising law, and further protect minors from the infringement of electronic cigarettes. It is reported that for a period of time in the future, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the State Administration of market supervision and administration will focus on Further Strengthening the awareness of all sectors of society to protect minors from the infringement of e-cigarettes, and strengthen coordination with relevant departments, continue to investigate and punish illegal manufacturing and selling of e-cigarettes in accordance with the law, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors and consumers. < / P > < p > “you can smoke electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are safe for the body.” Recently, Tang Min’s mind has been echoed with this suggestion put forward by her best friend Hu Lin (not her real name). < p > < p > Tang Min is a returnee doctor and an executive of the world’s top 500 companies. At the beginning of this year, Tang Min was overjoyed by the news of her pregnancy. She quit smoking for the sake of her baby. However, the habit of smoking developed for many years can not be changed for a while, especially when addicted to smoking. A few days ago, Hu Lin gave her an idea – smoking electronic cigarettes. However, Tang Min has been uncertain about whether smoking e-cigarettes is harmful or not. She checked a lot of information online and did not get the exact answer. < / P > < p > “e-cigarette is an electronic product that imitates cigarette. It has the same appearance, smoke, taste and feeling as cigarette. It is through atomization and other means, nicotine and other into steam, for smokers to smoke Hu Lin’s answer makes Tang Min doubt. < p > < p > Hu added: “some female stars are photographed smoking e-cigarettes during their lactation period, and there is no ban on e-cigarettes in public places, which means that there is no problem.” < / P > < p > however, the answer given by the doctor is quite different – although the steam released from the electronic cigarette is harmless, the water vapor also contains nicotine, which can enter the human body. Under normal use conditions, the concentrations of some metals (including lead, chromium and nickel) and formaldehyde in some electronic smoke sols are equal to or higher than those in traditional cigarettes, and some metal particles, such as nickel, chromium and lead, are even higher than the second-hand smoke produced by traditional cigarettes. In addition, e-cigarette will produce some toxic substances that are not found in traditional cigarette smoke, such as glyoxal, which is flammable, toxic and irritant. Vapor or fog can stimulate the eyes, mucous membrane and upper respiratory tract. Because nicotine is harmful, so mothers to be should stay away from electronic cigarettes, because the blood supply of mothers to be and fetuses is interlinked. If mothers to be smoke, the fetus will be exposed to nicotine through blood. In addition to a variety of nicotine compounds, the doctor said: “this may not have been found in people’s experiments. At the same time, the second-hand smoke produced by electronic cigarette may also endanger health. E-cigarettes also release inhalable liquid fine and ultra-fine particles, nicotine and carcinogens into the room According to the doctor, the Greek health authorities tested 30 healthy smokers to observe the changes in their respiratory tract after using e-cigarettes. The researchers found that after five minutes of smoking e-cigarettes, their lungs showed signs of contraction, and in combination with other breath tests, they also found signs of inflammation. This is the first time that there is evidence that just using an e-cigarette can produce such a strong stimulus to the respiratory system. < p > < p > the conclusion given by doctors is that the World Health Organization has conducted a special study on e-cigarette, and has drawn a clear conclusion: e-cigarette is harmful to public health, and it is not a means to quit smoking. It is necessary to strengthen the control of e-cigarette to avoid harm to teenagers and non-smokers. It is better for pregnant women not to smoke e-cigarettes. < / P > < p > “once, when my family and I were eating in a noodle restaurant, a man sitting next to me smoked an electronic cigarette as if nobody else was there. I suggest that this is a public place where smoking is not allowed, and that I am a pregnant woman. I hope the other party will understand. The other side said that they smoke electronic cigarettes, no smoke out, no harm to the human body. ” Tang Min said helplessly. At the same time, Tang Min told the reporter that among the pregnant mothers, there were also mothers who told her that there were also some e-commerce platforms specialized in selling e-cigarettes for pregnant women, “it is said that the price is hundreds of yuan, one of which contains seven different fruit flavors, three bottles of tobacco, claiming to be a woman’s smoking cessation artifact, harmless hookah, and 10 bottles of cigarette oil. A mother to be who once smoked asked, the store said that the product belongs to pregnant women only, does not contain nicotine, and does not harm the fetus. “. < / P > < p > “no one dares to try for the sake of children.” Tang Min said that she also learned from internal sources that many factory owners, investors and brands said that they had never heard of e-cigarettes for pregnant women and had never advised pregnant women to smoke e-cigarettes. The harm of traditional cigarettes mainly comes from tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances in tobacco smoke, while nicotine is the main cause of cigarette addiction. In order to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, e-cigarette emerges as the times require.

public information shows that the electronic cigarette is mainly composed of four parts: tobacco oil (including nicotine, essence, solvent, propylene glycol, etc.), heating system, power supply and filter tip, and atomized aerosol is generated by heating atomization for smokers. In a broad sense, electronic cigarette refers to electronic nicotine delivery system, including electronic cigarette, water pipe, water pipe pen and other forms. In a narrow sense, e-cigarette refers to a portable e-cigarette with similar shape to cigarette. E-cigarettes are often exquisitely designed, and because there is no process of burning cut tobacco, businessmen often attract consumers, especially young people, with marketing slogans such as “no tar, no body burden”, “no carbon monoxide”, “no heavy metal” and “substitute for real cigarette”. < p > < p > Zhang Yuanyuan, 23 years old (pseudonym), has been a “e-smoker” for her beautiful appearance and changeable taste. In her opinion, e-cigarette is a very fun and can reflect the style of the product. She chose the pink e-cigarette, which made her feel very girly, and the body friendly publicity made her start smoking e-cigarettes more reassuringly. < / P > < p > more and more young people like Zhang Yuanyuan have chosen e-cigarettes. A dealer of an e-cigarette brand said: “in the past, e-cigarette was a relatively small product, but now it has become a trend and become popular. Many smokers have turned to e-cigarettes. On the one hand, it is because of fashion, on the other hand, it is also the pursuit of so-called health. ” < / P > < p > in e-cigarette marketing, fresh or cool advertisements emerge one after another, “health”, “smoking cessation” and “lung cleaning” are the most eye-catching selling points. However, this year’s “March 15” evening party revealed that long-term e-cigarette smoking will also lead to dependence on nicotine, which is contrary to the slogan of “health” promoted by e-cigarettes. < / P > < p > when a reporter searches for e-cigarettes on an e-commerce platform, a large number of related products will appear. A well-known brand e-cigarette network flagship store has 280000 fans. The highest monthly sales of e-cigarettes in the store have reached more than 40000, and the number of cigarette bombs is more than 210000. In the detailed introduction page, the main publicity focus is the sense of science and technology, injury reduction, addiction relief and decompression. Zhao Hu (not his real name), who sells e-cigarettes, said that whether e-cigarettes have the taste of real cigarettes is determined by the content of nicotine in them. E-cigarettes with high nicotine content have a stronger sense of throat attack, while those without nicotine do not smoke like real cigarettes and do not have the effect of replacing cigarettes. < / P > < p > there are two kinds of nicotine content in this store: 3% and 5% nicotine. One cigarette bomb is about 3 packs of cigarettes. There are 18 kinds of attractive tastes to choose from, such as mung bean popsicle, green tea, banana milkshake, iced watermelon, etc., and there are 8 colors to choose from. There are many netizens at the bottom of the product to give praise, “good smoking, can achieve satisfaction”, “all kinds of tastes have been tried”, “hope to replace the real cigarette, office good partner.”. There are also many distributors and retailers selling e-cigarettes on the social platform. Because she felt that there was a good market prospect, Zhao Hu started to do e-cigarette retail business in March this year. She went to Zhuhai to purchase goods, advertised and sold in her circle of friends, and supported self-service and mailing. As a result, her sideline became a micro business. Zhao Hu told reporters that on average, she can sell two or three sets of e-cigarettes every day. Most of the buyers are young people between 20 and 35 years old. Many people choose e-cigarettes for their health, and she can make about 30% profit from it. < / P > < p > in addition to online sales, there are also many offline e-cigarette stores, including e-cigarette experience stores, e-cigarette bars, e-cigarette clubs, etc. < / P > < p > the reporter visited an e-cigarette experience store in Chaoyang District of Beijing. The signs of no entry and no smoking for minors were pasted on the window of the shop. There are various brands and prices of e-cigarettes in the store. Customers can try them. The boss will introduce them in detail. It is worth noting that a certain brand of e-cigarettes is promoting the “Guardian plan”, that is, minors are strictly prohibited to use, and the publicity posters stand conspicuously on the counter. The brand’s online flagship store also has relevant slogans, but there is only a small part at the top of the store’s home page, which is easy to ignore. The promotion information of “double 11” below almost occupies the whole screen. < / P > < p > at the same time, on some video platforms, video of “e-cigarette evaluation” has gradually appeared, which is the same as the popular cosmetics and food evaluation. Bloggers put different flavors and brands of e-cigarettes on the desktop, smoke them one by one and comment on them. There are many netizens commenting on their favorite e-cigarettes, and others are asking to recommend good smoking electricity Ziyan. Global Tech