A rare bronze pot with goose head and curved neck was found. The mysterious liquid in the pot with a weight of 6 Jin left a suspense. After the news was exposed, it was quickly searched on Weibo. According to Sanmenxia Institute of cultural relics and archaeology, the liquid in the bronze pot with goose head and curved neck is ancient wine from the early Western Han Dynasty, which is quite consistent with the relevant records in the medical prescription “fifty two prescriptions” unearthed from Mawangdui Han tomb in Changsha, Hunan Province. It is a kind of medicinal wine that can stop bleeding and reduce inflammation. As far as we know, the bronze pot with goose head and curved neck comes from houchuan village ancient tombs in Sanmenxia. According to the archaeological survey, the tomb is located in the early Western Han Dynasty. The owner of the tomb should be a man about 1.8 meters tall. There are also bronze, jade, pottery and iron wares unearthed from the tombs of men. Among them, bronze wares include bronze mirror, bronze seal, copper basin, copper ornament, etc. iron sword is equipped with jade sword tool composed of four jade ornaments. < / P > < p > “if you have a sword, you are a warrior. There are bronze mirrors and copper ornaments, which show the love of beauty. In addition, there is wine in the goose pot, so the owner of the tomb should be a “high-quality man” who pursues the quality of life Experts said. < p > < p > according to the data, Sanmenxia is known as “the city of Swans”. Every year, nearly 10000 white swans migrate from Siberia to the Yellow River Wetland for winter. Global Tech

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