On Tuesday, Vietnam’s information minister accused foreign media companies such as Netflix and apple of evading tax responsibilities and said the move created unfair competition for domestic companies, according to reports. According to the Ministry of information and communications of Vietnam, foreign streaming media companies have 1 million subscribers in Vietnam. These users generate nearly 1 trillion dong (about US $43.15 million) of income for enterprises, but these enterprises have never paid taxes in Vietnam. Nguyen Manh hung, Minister of the Ministry, told a government meeting: “domestic enterprises must comply with tax and content regulations, while foreign enterprises do not. This is an unfair competition. Some of the content on Netflix violates rules related to Vietnam’s national history and sovereignty, violence, drug use and sex. ” < / P > < p > Vietnam introduced a network security law two years ago, requiring all foreign enterprises engaged in network activities in Vietnam to obtain income to store their data in Vietnam. Netflix, meanwhile, said it had no current plans to put servers locally or open offices in Vietnam. < / P > < p > the company said in a statement that it would continue to engage with the Vietnamese government to discuss potential regulation of content on demand services in Vietnam. “We support this mechanism for foreign service providers like Netflix to pay taxes in Vietnam,” a Netflix spokesman said in the statement. However, such a mechanism does not exist at present. ” < / P > < p > the Vietnamese government has previously told Netflix to remove a film called “full metal jacket,” a U.S. – made film about the Vietnam War, from its shelves in the country. The Ministry of information, the Ministry of Finance and the tax authorities are calculating the income of foreign streaming media enterprises since they entered Vietnam, so as to facilitate the taxation of these enterprises, according to Nguyen Meng Hsiung. < p > < p > Science and technology enterprises are facing more and more stringent financial system in the Southeast Asian market. Regulators of many countries in Southeast Asia held talks on regional promotion of further taxation of science and technology enterprises last year. The Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia have recently adopted or drafted laws aimed at ensuring tax payment. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days