Cyberpunk 2077 has launched another update on Xbox series X, with a capacity of 15GB and version number of One of the developers said most of the bugs in the game will be fixed in the first day of the patch. Previously, we reported that cyberpunk 2077 had been updated on Xbox one and PS4 before it was released. At that time, the developers of cdpr said that the patch was not the first day patch, but another patch would be released before the release, and this patch is the first day patch. The patch received by xsx today upgrades the game version from to We haven’t seen a similar update on PS4 and ps5, but these hosts may have an update to cyberpunk 2077 1.02 later today. We’re not sure if this is the first day patch, and we’re not sure if there will be another patch later. < / P > < p > the extent of bug fixes is not clear at present, because none of these updates are released in the log. However, according to a tweet by Fabian Mario D ü hlad, an official of cdpr, most of the bugs encountered in the media review will be fixed in the first day of the patch. In addition, the developer said the first day patch would “completely” change the game. In another tweet, he said that as the first day patch was applied to the console, it would be a “different game.”. Fabian Mario D ü HLA, developer of cdpr, also explained that part of the problem with cyberpunk 2077 is that the quality of the game is set too high. When the game is set too high, the game can’t deliver content, and things begin to be missing (including animation, sound, mouth shape, objects, etc.). If the player adjusts the settings, the animation, inconsistent mouth shape and missing objects will be solved. < / P > < p > up to now, almost all media reviews and games are PC version, and there is no host version “cyberpunk 2077” evaluation outflow, but in fact, the host version of “cyberpunk 2077” has already been stolen. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia