There are rumors that Microsoft is planning to buy Nokia again. Of course, it won’t be the mobile phone business that Microsoft abandoned in 2015, but a network company that Microsoft didn’t acquire in 2013. According to CCS insight, Nokia network will be acquired by a large US technology company next year, with Microsoft and Intel listed as potential buyers. Of course, Microsoft has abundant cash and huge capital, and needs a reliable network equipment supplier more and more. As an old acquaintance, Nokia is naturally the best choice. Recently, the latter has won a large order from BT company in the UK, replacing Huawei’s network equipment. < / P > < p > & quot; it’s clear that the United States is looking for a replacement for Huawei, and people are very concerned about it. The potential Nokia may be this opportunity. &Said Kester Mann, consumer and connectivity director for quote; CCS insight. &We feel that Nokia may be relatively easy to acquire;. < p > < p > now the competition in this field is becoming more and more fierce. Samsung and Intel are competing for the market to fill the gap of Huawei. However, Microsoft also has a strong relationship with operators in edge computing, an important part of 5g. < p > < p > & quot; Microsoft has developed a real interest in telecommunications. We have seen that they have made two acquisitions [metaswitch and confirmed networks] this year… Both of which are to obtain some professional intellectual property rights in 5g and telecom and some connections in the industry. We believe Nokia may be a potential target for companies like Microsoft. &Microsoft’s efforts to acquire tiktok should convince our readers that everything is possible. After all, Nokia’s market value is only $18.84 billion, which is even cheaper than buying tiktok. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen

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