At the recent Apple online product launch, Apple released two new iPads and two apple watch new products, and provided a 20W PD fast charging charger as standard for the latest iPad air4, which attracted high attention from the fast charging industry. < / P > < p > although the iPhone 12 did not appear at this conference, news about the new iPhone has been widely circulated in the industry. In terms of charging, the iPhone 12 series is expected to support both 20W PD fast charging and magnetic suction wireless charging, which also means that the consumer power accessories industry will usher in a new market. < / P > < p > in terms of Apple’s new 20W PD fast charging, Anker, aukey, baseus and many other well-known digital accessory brands have been listed in the market. At the same time, the charging head network also learned that at present, many domestic fast charging power suppliers have completed the product layout of Apple 20W PD fast charging in advance. Let’s take a look at the 20W PD fast charging products currently supporting e-commerce ODM / OEM. The appearance of the new 20W PD charger is more plump than the original 18W charger of apple. It adopts the common two-stage ultrasonic cover welding. The main body is bright, and the bottom cover of the pin part is matte. It uses single usb-c output, and supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5V / 2a, qc3.0, qc2.0, DCP, AFC, pd3.0 and other charging protocols. < p > < p > opach 20W PD fast charging charger is available in black and white. The charger is made of PC flame retardant material with matte surface treatment. The transition between the sides is smooth and the overall design style is simple. The charger adopts fixed pin design, supports 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.8A input, 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 12v1.67a, 3.3-5.9v/3a and 3.3-11v/1.8a output, which has passed CCC certification. It can meet the daily fast charging needs of various Android phones. It is also a good choice for the upcoming iPhone 12, which may not be equipped with a standard charger. < p > < p > Ruiheng 20W PD fast charging charger adopts single usb-c port output design, pure white body, equipped with fixed pins, and the overall size is 43 * 36 * 24mm. Support 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.6A input; output support 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a, 12V / 1.67a three groups of fixed voltage gear, support a variety of fast charging protocols, can be used for iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and other mainstream brands of mobile phones. And has passed FCC, CE and other certification. < p > < p > hongdashun 20W PD fast charging adopts 1a1c double port design, with black and white colors, as well as various pin specifications such as national standard, American Standard, British standard and European standard. The charger is small in size and supports wide voltage input. The two output interfaces support fast charging. The usb-a port supports the maximum 18W fast charging output, and the usb-c port supports 20W PD fast charging output. It is compatible with the mainstream fast charging protocol in the market. The dual port output realizes the intelligent power distribution through the protocol chip. < p > < p > ruijiada 20W PD fast charging charger has smooth appearance and delicate feel. The output interface includes single usb-c interface and 1a1c type. The usb-c interface supports 5V / 3a and 9V / 2.22a output, and the maximum power is 20W, which can meet the needs of iPhone 12 fast charging. At the same time, the charger built-in high-performance power management chip, high conversion rate, low heating, improve the user experience. In addition, ruijiada 20W PD fast charging charger can also be matched with different pin specifications around the world, which is very suitable for foreign trade. < / P > < p > stiger Steckel 20W PD charger is designed in square shape with circular arc transition and matte surface treatment. It has the same style of ID design as other stiger chargers, and there are black and white color options in color. Single usb-c interface configuration, maximum support 20W PD fast charging. Above the interface is a characteristic ring type LED working indicator, which will light up a light blue light after power on. < / P > < p > the all series of steck 20W Mini PD fast charging charger adopts fixed pin design, with four different colors, which is very young design style. The charger is made of flame-retardant material. It is miniature and compact. The main body is matte and the output end is high gloss. It looks very delicate. In terms of parameters, it supports 100-240V input, 5V / 3a and 9V / 2.22a output. At present, it has obtained CCC certification and is suitable for fast charging of iPhone, iPad and other devices. < / P > < p > the three-dimensional dimension of this 20W PD fast charging charger is only 42 * 40 * 26mm. It adopts fixed pin design and has two colors of black and white. The shell part is high gloss surface treatment, and the front side is printed with stacker logo. The single usb-c output interface is designed in the middle. It supports 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a output, and is compatible with iPhone fast charging. < / P > < p > the Delihua 20W 1a1c PD fast charging charger series has the characteristics of ultra-small size, the shell is made of high gloss PC flame retardant material, and a variety of pin specifications can be selected, among which the American code pin is foldable design, and the European, British, Australian and Indian design are integrated. The maximum output power of usb-c port and usb-a port are 20W and 18W respectively. It supports PPS, qc4.0, qc3.0, pd3.0, pd2.0, FCP, SCP, SFCP, AFC, MTK, bc1.2 and other protocols. < / P > < p > zhongzhengren and 20W PD fast charging charger adopts pure white PC flame retardant material shell, and has many pin specifications such as American Standard, European code, Australian code, British standard and national standard. The American Standard and national standard version are foldable design, and have passed the certification of CB, CCC, CE, ETL, FCC, KC, PSE, ROHS, etc. Support 100-240V wide voltage input, output support 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a, can charge iPhone, iPad and other electronic products quickly. < / P > < p > different from the common large volume chargers, the biggest feature of the small black technology 20W charger is its ultra-small volume design, square appearance, and black gravel matte surface technology, which can improve the hand feeling and make the appearance without adding details. The three dimensions of the charger are 30.11mm x 28.86mm x 30.53mm, and the power density reaches 0.75w/cm? 3 according to 20W nominal output power. The charger model is fc210, which supports 100v-240v, 50-60Hz global voltage input. The output has two fixed voltages, 5V / 3a and 9V / 2.22a. The maximum output power is 20W. The product has obtained 3C certification and level 6 energy efficiency certification. < / P > < p > since it was disclosed that Apple will launch 20W PD fast charging, many domestic fast charging power suppliers have laid out this market in advance. At the same time, 20W PD fast charging charger on the market has also emerged in a very short time. On the one hand, this reflects the speed of Shenzhen, on the other hand, it also shows the charm of apple. < p > < p > and Apple’s standard 20W PD fast charging for the new iPad air4 sends a strong signal to all fast charging manufacturers, indicating that Apple’s 20W PD fast charging market does exist. However, it remains to be confirmed whether the iPhone 12 supports 20W fast charging and whether it will be equipped with 20W fast charging as standard. If Apple gives a positive answer at the next press conference, then the 20W PD fast charging market will usher in a real highlight moment, and these manufacturers who plan 20W PD fast charging ahead of time will also enjoy the market dividend for the first time. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4