Entering November 11, the annual double 11 shopping carnival season has come to the most tense and critical day. At 0:09, Jingdong announced that, from 00:09, November 1 to 11, the cumulative order amount of “Jingdong 11.11 global love season” exceeded 200 billion yuan, which was close to the cumulative turnover of Jingdong 11.11 in 2019 – more than 204.4 billion yuan. At 0:19, Suning announced that the full scene ecological channel (including Suning e-buy, Suning E-mart flagship store, Suning e-buy super buyer live studio, Suning store broadcast) took 19 minutes, and Gmv exceeded 5 billion. This is also the first time Suning announced the sales “record” of double 11. < p > < p > 0:30, tmall announced that the real-time turnover of “tmall double 11 global carnival season in 2020” exceeded 372.3 billion from 0:30 on November 1 to 11. This figure has exceeded the platform’s double 11 all day turnover in 2019 – 268.4 billion yuan. According to the first round of data disclosed by several major e-commerce platforms, it can be predicted that this year’s double 11 will be another record year. Both the sales volume, transaction speed and the number of participants continued to rise. The double 11 Shopping Festival has been in its 12th year since its birth in 2009. Double 11 is still the hottest shopping event of the year, showing the potential and vitality of China’s consumer market. According to the zodiac, twelve years is a cycle. Standing at the new starting point of reincarnation, looking back on the past, both the platform strategy and consumer demand have changed a lot during this period. < / P > < p > including the time rhythm, sales content, sales methods, publicity caliber, publicity intensity, globalization degree, and consumer attitude, etc., today’s double 11 has changed its flavor. In addition, this year’s special epidemic prevention environment makes this double 11 more distinctive. < / P > < p > double 11 is a shopping festival initiated by tmall. In recent years, the number of players has increased from tmall to various e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Suning, vipshop and pinduoduo. Kwai tiktok has joined the melee this year, especially the jitter and the fast hand, becoming a game player of 11. < / P > < p > in the hot mode of live delivery with goods, the content platform and e-commerce platform present the trend of “competition and cooperation”. Try to get more people and goods from the same track to the same market. < p > < p > the double 11 party was initiated by tmall and has a history of 6 years. Its aim is to create a “Spring Festival Gala” for consumers, and to upgrade the “shopping Carnival” into a “national celebration” and form a “national memory”. The tiktok of

short video platform joined the double 11 wars this year, and it started warming up in October 25th. It opened 11 pairs in November 1st and opened the 11.11 tiktok Festival. Probably because of the first arrival, tiktok is just a “new athlete”, and the chattering did not hold a double 11 party.

tiktok, who is also a short video platform, has entered the electronic business track earlier than the Kwai, and the response to the double 11 is relatively higher. Kwai Kwai Kwai started the 116 Shopping Festival business two months ago, announced the important resources such as the fast 116 shopping Carnival and launched the “quick night” big evening in October 30th. < / P > < p > several other traditional e-commerce platforms naturally riveted their strength in the double 11 Gala. Tmall launched two parties this year. First, the “tmall double 11 opening live ceremony” was held on October 31, which attracted a number of stars, anchors, businesses and TV stations to participate in it, and the scene was particularly lively. On the evening of November 10, tmall also held a double 11 carnival, including many famous stars such as Yibu Qianxi, Eason Chen, Zhang Yixing, Lang Lang and so on. < p > < p > at the same time (November 10), Suning e-buy also cooperated with Beijing Satellite TV to create a “super show”, through the form of TV variety show + live broadcast + full scene interaction to realize the live broadcast of variety show with goods. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that pinduoduo, which has always been a low-key performance on double 11, also held the “11.11 super night” party at the same time. It joined hands with dozens of popular stars to bring performances to consumers and give out heavy welfare. The party also sent out 1 billion cash and welfare activities such as 9.9 yuan red envelope and one million yuan free bill. However, on November 10, JD launched the live super night with stronger cargo attributes, and invited more than 30 stars to participate in the live interactive performance. In the past many years, November 11 is just an unofficial and non-traditional entertainment festival, which is an alternative festival for single people. < p > < p > until 2009, Taobao launched promotion and discount activities on November 11 with the theme of “Bachelor’s Day”. Since then, it has given the day a new meaning and changed the consumption habits and cultural cognition of the whole people. < / P > < p > the combination of large promotional discounts, instant payment experience, intense rush buying atmosphere, including the joy of unpacking after receiving the goods, all these factors have gradually increased the influence of double 11, which has evolved into a consumer Carnival day in which global manufacturers and e-commerce deeply participate. < / P > < p > in 2015, the “pre-sale” mode has become a new play method launched by many players during the double 11. In the next year, these complicated games, such as buying in advance, getting coupons and brushing red packets, quickly swept across the major platforms, making consumers happy and painful. However, at the beginning, jd.com set its shopping festival as November 1-11, with more than 10 days of promotion and carnival. During this period, payment can be made, all of which are included in the total turnover, which further lengthens the duration of the shopping festival and creates more opportunities for the platform and businesses to break records. < / P > < p > this year’s double 11, Jingdong supermarket has extended the time limit of product price protection to 30 days. From November 1 to November 30, users who buy the same product from Jingdong supermarket have a price reduction, so long as they are within the scope of the price protection rules, they can enjoy “compensation if you buy more”. < / P > < p > as the “ancestor” of double 11 shopping carnival, tmall has also ushered in a major change this year, from “Bachelor’s Day” to “nunchakus”, which can be sold in two waves: November 1-3 of the first wave and November 11 of the second wave. < / P > < p > “this year’s tmall double 11 is the most special year.” As for the change of the time rhythm of double 11, Jiang Fan, President of Taobao tmall, explained that as the world’s largest consumption season after the epidemic, many businesses have stronger expectations and higher expectations for double 11. < p > < p > Jiang Fan said that tmall double 11 hopes to create a longer business window for businesses and bring them the biggest growth opportunity this year. At the same time, consumers have more sufficient time to make full choices, and they will not miss the rush because of the tight time, and have a better consumption experience. < p > < p > in the view of Zhuang Shuai, an expert in the retail e-commerce industry and founder of Bailian consulting, Alibaba’s adjustment of promotion time is a manifestation of returning to the normal promotion law, which has a positive impact on the healthy and steady development of express companies, the balance of business pressure and the improvement of consumer experience. < / P > < p > “if we study and understand the retail promotion industry, we will know that in the past ten years, double 11 concentrated on one day of sales promotion, which is not in line with the law of the industry.” Zhuang Shuai explained that Ali has been able to do so long because it does not need to do commodity management, customer service, logistics and other work. As a traffic platform, Ali has transferred many risks and operating costs to businesses and third-party service providers. With the rise of Jingdong and its participation in double 11, as well as the in-depth participation of offline retail industry in double-11, Ali’s sales promotion pressure is increasing. Therefore, this year, we have made a time adjustment in line with the laws of the industry. < / P > < p > an obvious feature is that in the past, the consumption of double 11 was mostly concentrated on clothing and daily necessities, but in the past two years, e-commerce platforms have gradually made up for the short board of content, and have begun to sell special goods such as houses and cars with high unit price, long decision-making cycle and high decision threshold. < / P > < p > according to public data, in the special live broadcast of tmall’s double 11 “Shima x tmall x Jiangling” in 2019, a record of 55 cars sold in one second was set, and even 270000 people were “watching”. < p > < p > Jiang Fan disclosed that this year’s double 11 launched a 10 billion subsidy for “tmall’s good cars”, covering 50 + mainstream automobile brands and hot selling models in the first phase, and linking more than 7000 dealer stores in more than 300 cities. < / P > < p > in addition, the sale of houses has also become a highlight of double 11 in recent two years. Since last year, Alibaba, Jingdong and Suning have staged a “Three Kingdoms killing” of double 11 houses. This year, the competition between platforms has become more intense. < p > < p > in the warm-up period, Ali put forward the slogan of “half of the real estate on sale in China will be on sale at double-11”. It is reported that 3000 + buildings from more than 200 cities participate in tmall double-11, covering 40% of the buildings in mainstream cities in China. In addition to large subsidies, Jingdong also launched the offline brand of “Haofang Jingxuan”, trying to create online and offline integrated stores; Suning joined hands with 100 real estate products The brand opened double 11, in which country garden, Fuli, rongchuang, green city, shoukai and other well-known real estate enterprises have given a large discount, even more than 500 sets of special price housing, subsidies to 5-7%. In the view of Zhong Hongjun, director of the digital economy research center of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, housing and car are the growth points of Internet platform to expand new business, which is worthy of attention. < / P > < p > “Internet platform companies, because of their huge traffic, are likely to enter many markets.” Zhong Hongjun told the all-weather science and technology analysis that in theory, it is completely possible for Ali to establish a platform matching with the shell in the house sales market, and to build a platform similar to the automobile home in the car sales market. “Nothing is impossible. The important thing is whether it has the ability of team innovation.” < / P > < p > double 11 is no longer limited to e-commerce platform shopping. In the past few years, offline stores of brands have also joined this big carnival. The red envelope rain in shopping malls and the full reduction of discount in stores are popular among consumers. This year’s double 11 is the largest offline business in history. According to

, Alipay is the first digital living platform to join Tmall double 11. Millions of businesses from Ali’s economic platforms, such as famo (word of mouth), taopiao, barley and Feizhu, will join in, covering catering takeout, leisure and entertainment, wine travel, medical and beauty, and intra city retail. 2 million offline businesses will launch 50% discount activities, and 900000 catering businesses will receive 50% discount. < p > < p > in terms of JD, it has combined 3.2 million offline store resources to provide online and offline services with the same price and quality, including Jingdong electric super experience store, Jingdong electric appliance city flagship store, 15000 Jingdong appliance exclusive stores, more than 600 computer digital exclusive stores, 1000 Jingdong Auto Club stores, nearly 100 Jingdong pharmacy stores and Jingdong Health Alliance pharmacy. For the first time, Suning has fully integrated Suning small stores, retail cloud stores, Carrefour, Suning e-shopping Plaza, red children and other offline business forms into 10 billion subsidies for the first time. With the help of more than 10000 store resources, Suning has realized the sinking from the city to the county town, from the business district to the community. < / P > < p > in the double 11 of 2019, Taobao live broadcast became the most popular point, which ignited the consumption enthusiasm of young groups. The names of Li Jiaqi and Weiya have been on the Internet repeatedly. They let more people get in touch with the brand-new promotion form of live selling. < / P > < p > in “I buy GA! Encouraged by “buy it”, more and more young consumers enter the live broadcasting room,