On November 6, the State Administration of market supervision, the central network information office and the State Administration of Taxation jointly held an administrative guidance meeting on standardizing the online economic order, putting forward clear requirements for the Internet platform. The request points out that it is not allowed to abuse market dominant position, monopoly agreement and illegal concentration of operators; it is not allowed to abuse dominant position to force businesses to “choose one from two”, impose unreasonable restrictions or attach unreasonable conditions on operators’ choice of platforms; it is not allowed to use technical means to obstruct or destroy network products legally provided by other operators or The behavior of a service running normally.

, it is reported that 27 main Internet platform enterprises representatives attended the meeting on the day, including Jingdong, the US group, 58 cities, Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou, byte beating, fast hand, drop, micro shop, Sina micro-blog, multi point, shell looking for room, many spells, Gome online, hungry, Xiao Hong book, Ctrip Suning, Kwai Tong, Alibaba, Beibei net, and gathered together. Net, mushroom street, Xingsheng optimization, vipshop, Tencent, etc. < p > < p > Nandu has previously reported that in recent years, with the fierce competition in the e-commerce field, the industry problems of “choosing one from two” between the platform’s merchants and its competitors frequently occur. Recently, there has been a heated debate between vipshop and AI inventory, a competitive platform. On September 14, the official microblog of Aiku existence said that it had reported vipshop in real name to four organizations including the General Administration of market supervision and control by email. The company pointed out that vipshop had unfair competition and forced businesses to “choose one from two”. The number of “coerced” businesses had increased from more than 100 in early August to more than 400. Vipshop then responded to the matter, saying that it was not true. On October 20, the General Administration of market supervision and administration announced that in order to implement the “e-commerce law” and further regulate online trading activities, the General Administration of market supervision drafted the “measures for the supervision and administration of online transactions (Draft)” on the basis of revising the administrative measures for online transactions (the former order No. 60 of the State Administration of industry and Commerce), and is now inviting public opinions. In view of the problem that some online trading platforms require operators to “choose one from two”, the General Administration of market supervision has clearly carried out targeted norms: operators of online trading platforms shall not abuse their dominant position to interfere in the independent operation of operators in the platform, and shall not impose unreasonable restrictions or conditions on the commercial cooperation between operators in the platform and other platforms. Privacy Policy