“Call of duty 17: black action cold war” will be launched on November 13, landing on PC (battle. Net), old and new hosts. The cold war is described as a direct sequel to the call of Duty: black action. In a new official blog post (including a minor spoiler), Dan Vondrak, senior creative director of Raven studios, a joint developer, introduced the three stages of the single player campaign in call of duty 17: nowhere left to run, fracture jaw and desperate measures. < / P > < p > “no escape” is the first task of the game, which took place in 1982. Woods and Mason are back, along with a new hero, Russell Adler. In the mission, players will chase and shoot out on the roof of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and then end with a “big fun moment”. The player will track the target in a scene at the Turkish airport with a radio controlled car filled with explosives. < / P > < p > fracture jaw is the second level of the campaign, appearing in the form of Vietnam flashback. Inside, players will fly a helicopter and fight on the ground between the jungle and the rice fields. In this mission, players revisit their encounter with Perseus, a mysterious figure “charged with the mission of upsetting the global balance of power and changing the course of history.”. < / P > < p > in the “desperate” mission, the player’s task is to sneak into the enemy’s rear as double spies and infiltrate the KGB headquarters. “Using the latest technology of the 1980s, including modified civilian tools and prototype machines”, players will be given multiple ways to complete the mission. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple