Hanfu, JK uniform and Lolita skirt, which are jokingly called “three sisters of bankruptcy”, have become popular on Taobao, becoming the most eye-catching scene in the domestic clothing industry this year. Some experts predict that the national clothing industry will evaporate 400 billion in the whole year, and most clothing brands are facing risks. But in Taobao, it is a different scene: data shows that in the second quarter of this year, the “three sisters in bankruptcy” represented by JK uniform rose against the trend, and the transaction amount soared 255% year-on-year.

it is understood that the “three sisters in bankruptcy” were originally only popular among a few people. Nowadays, the subculture circle originated from Cosplay has successfully “broken the circle” and become one of the daily wear with the evolution of popular culture of young people. What is reflected behind is that young people pay more attention to themselves and personality.

Taobao sellers are also the promoters of the “three sisters of bankruptcy” subculture. Through various content tools such as live broadcast and micro Taobao, more and more young people can understand and love the clothes of the original minority. In this process, Taobao has already transformed from a simple sales platform into a carrier of subculture.

according to Jiang Wenqin, the owner of Taobao, a new JK product sold at most two or three thousand pieces. However, since the second half of 2018, the sales volume of new products in her shop has become more than 10000, and it will be counted by 100000 pieces in 2019. Now, at least 10 to 20 new skirts a month have their own houses and two factories.

more importantly, the operation of Taobao’s niche stores is not fragile and can resist risks. On Taobao, whether it’s Hanfu, JK uniform or Lolita skirt, pre-sale system is popular, and the quantity of each batch is not large, as soon as the inventory is on hand, the hand speed is fast.