The price is 299.99 US dollars (about 2000 yuan). Snapdragon wear 4100 is a new generation wearable chip of Qualcomm. CPU speed is 85%, GPU is 2.5 times faster, and power consumption is reduced by 25%. < p > < p > equipped with wear OS by Google operating system, ticwatch Pro 3 continues the previous generation of dual screen system. It integrates two display technologies, i.e. 1.4-inch full-color high-definition OLED screen and ultra-low-power monochromatic LCD screen, providing users with two modes of use: “intelligent mode” and “persistent mode”. < / P > < p > in “intelligent mode”, ticwatch Pro 3 uses OLED screen as the main display to bring users a full intelligent experience, with a battery life of 72 hours. < / P > < p > in “persistent mode”, ticwatch Pro3 uses a 1.4-inch monochromatic LCD display as the main display and is driven by the system coprocessor, which brings ultra-low power consumption. In the persistent mode, the watch can display the date, time, power, steps and other basic information, and provide NFC bus and subway card swiping function. Up to 45 days of battery life can be obtained. < p > < p > ticwatch Pro 3 integrates a variety of sensors, ticoxygen can track your oxygen saturation, ticzen can measure your pressure, and ticbreath can help you manage stress when your pressure is too high. < p > < p > in sports, ticwatch Pro 3 supports more than 10 exercise modes, including swimming in the pool, rowing, elliptical, mountaineering, cross-country running and aerobic exercise. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”