Tiktok and its parent company, byte hopping, launched a new round of litigation late Friday in an attempt to stop the trump administration’s ban on downloading tiktok short video applications, which are popular in the United States. According to the Wall Street Journal, the lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C., said the government violated the download ban earlier Friday when it decided to continue to enforce the ban, which will take effect on Sunday. < / P > < p > trump has issued an executive order saying that byte hopping in China must sell the app’s business in the United States, or it will face a state ban on the app. The government said it had national security concerns about the tiktok app, which collects data from U.S. users and byte hopping could be forced to share that information. Tiktok has repeatedly said that such concerns are groundless. Trump and the U.S. Department of Commerce & quot; took this special action to ban popular communication and information sharing platforms for political reasons, not for any unusual and special threats to the United States, without giving due process of law to their owners, the magazine said in a report published on Saturday. < / P > < p > tiktok also raised the argument of procedural irregularity in an early lawsuit filed in August. The government is currently reviewing the deal between Oracle and byte skipping, which will make Oracle in the United States a trusted technology provider for tiktok in each state, which will address concerns about user data. < / P > < p > the government’s decision on Friday means tiktok will not be available for download from Apple’s app store and Google play store from Sunday. Global Tech