Tiktok announced this morning that it will expand the set of resources provided in its in app election guide in the United States, including direct access to websites that help users get information about where and when to vote, websites that help people with voting difficulties, and websites that provide other details about how the voting process works. Tiktok also said it was working with the Associated Press (AP) to provide access to real-time results of federal and state elections and interactive maps in an updated guide. < / P > < p > this map will update real-time results from election day, so tiktok users can view it at any time in the app to get the latest information. In addition to the associated press, the expanded election guide will also include frequently asked questions about the voting process itself. The new details in this section help tiktok’s young user base, many of whom voted for the first time in this election. < / P > < p > tiktok will also link to the EAC website for information on where and when to vote. In addition, tiktok will link to the & quot; election protection hotline, which helps with voting difficulties in English, Spanish, Asian and Arabic, as well as video call options in American sign language. < / P > < p > the election guide was first launched in the tiktok app last month to help connect tiktok’s 100 million U.S. users with partner organizations that provide information on candidates, how to vote, and media literacy. At the time of publication, the guide included information from the American Association of secretaries of state, ballot ready, signvote and other organizations. < / P > < p > the information is organized in an easy to read format, but tiktok does not create the content itself, which is extracted from partners and quoted accordingly. In other cases, tiktok provides a short piece of information and a link to the partner website. < / P > < p > tiktok has been building its election related resources for months. This summer, it announced an expansion of its partnership with politicfact and lead stories to conduct fact checking on erroneous information related to the 2020 US election in its app, as well as helping to deal with misinformation related to covid-19, climate change and other topics. It also claims to be working with experts, including the U.S. Department of homeland security, to prevent foreign influence on its platform. < / P > < p > like other social media platforms, tiktok says it doesn’t accept political advertising. Unlike Facebook and Google, however, Facebook and Google only promised to temporarily suspend these ads before and after election day, and tiktok announced its decision in October 2019, explaining that the nature of political advertising did not meet the expected experience of its users on its platform. < / P > < p > although it is common for large technology platforms to provide election related resources to their user groups, as Facebook, Google, snapchat and twitter do, tiktok’s position is unique. The app is currently struggling to resist the trump government’s ban on its use in the United States, and its long-term domestic fate is still unknown. Despite these problems, tiktok has not slowed down the pace of developing new features, adding resources, or otherwise expanding the platform. Just yesterday, for example, tiktok announced a partnership with Shopify on a social business plan. Privacy Policy