A new set of text and text accessibility tools has been released on the tok community, including a new set of text accessibility tools and video updates. This update brings new vaccine information that will be added to tiktok’s coronavirus resource center and will be displayed if people search for specific keywords, such as those related to self harm. < / P > < p > according to tiktok, graphic content warning screens are designed to prevent accidental viewing of content that some people may feel uncomfortable with. The screen gives you two options to either view the clip or skip it completely. More extreme content will be completely removed from the service, but the new warning label covers clips that may be allowed to watch because of documentary, scenes from horror movies or violent scenes of animal hunting. Tiktok said the content was no longer distributed through the service’s for you feed. < / P > < p > tiktok also announced today a new text to speech accessibility feature that will read text when it appears in video. Its launch follows the service’s recent attempt to add epilepsy warnings to photo sensitive videos. At the same time, users who search for keywords like “self harm” or “I hate myself” will be shown help resources, as well as links to organizations such as the national suicide prevention lifeline and crisis SMS. < / P > < p > vaccine related information is also added to tiktok’s coronavirus Resource Center, which can be accessed from the service’s discovery page, search results, and banners on disease or vaccine related videos. The center will be continuously updated to include FAQs and answers from public health experts such as the Centers for Disease Control and prevention on the covid-19 vaccine. Global Tech