According to a tiktok U.S. insider told Sina Technology on Wednesday, byte hopping is negotiating with the U.S. government about the possibility of applying for a postponement of the transaction, and even hopes that the U.S. government will allow changes in the structure of the transaction sale. Behind this is the turning point brought about by the Chinese government’s intervention. < p > < p > on August 28, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of science and technology of the people’s Republic of China issued the catalogue of China’s export prohibited and restricted technologies, which also includes the artificial intelligence algorithm involved in byte skipping business, namely “personalized information push service technology based on data analysis”. Then the byte leaped and declared that it would “strictly abide by the regulations of the people’s Republic of China on the administration of technology import and export” and the “catalogue of Technologies Prohibited from export and restricted by China” and handle the related business of technology export. According to people familiar with the matter, some changes have taken place in the negotiations between byte beat and the US government after the Chinese government stepped in. Because if we sell tiktok’s U.S. business that does not include algorithms, it will obviously affect the future competitiveness of tiktok’s U.S. business, affect the acquisition interest of potential buyers, and directly touch the investment interests of byte beating U.S. investors. Potential buyers of tiktok’s U.S. business include Microsoft and Wal Mart’s joint acquisition, Oracle and twitter. < / P > < p > “(potential acquirer) no one is willing to buy a short video platform with only users and no technology. They are not Facebook, and it is impossible for them to come up with alternative technologies in the short term to continue to ensure the competitiveness of tiktok’s U.S. business and retain users. If you can’t keep users, the users and market of tiktok in America will be eroded by Facebook sooner or later. So they hope to find a solution. ” People familiar with the matter explained. (Note: due to antitrust reasons, Facebook and Google are unlikely to acquire tiktok’s U.S. business) < / P > < p > the person familiar with the matter told Sina technology that although the U.S. government had forced byte beat to sell tiktok’s U.S. business, in fact, there were “buy it as you see it” and “kill it all” faction. The former, represented by U.S. Treasury Secretary nuqin, focused on reality The latter, represented by U.S. Secretary of state pompeio and white house trade adviser John coudrow, valued political influence. Nuqin had previously allowed byte skipping to retain a stake in tiktok’s U.S. business, but trump decided to reject the option after hearing comments. < / P > < p > although Facebook has been lobbying the U.S. government to suppress the development of tiktok in the United States, there are other U.S. stakeholders pushing the White House to retain tiktok’s business valuation as much as possible so that they can get the maximum return. In addition to byte hopping US institutional investors, Oracle, a potential acquirer, has a very close relationship with the trump administration. Ellison, the founder of Oracle, has offered a golf course in California to help trump organize fund-raising activities, which helped him obtain nearly ten million dollars during his trip to California at the beginning of this year. < / P > < p > on the issue of selling tiktok USA, there are also obvious differences among the byte hopping board of directors due to different interests and positions. Several U.S. institutional investors hope to successfully complete the sale of tiktok USA. they can continue to retain their equity and continue to expand their investment returns in the future. Therefore, they have been pressuring byte beat before. The founders accept the reality as soon as possible and choose the US strategic partner to sell the equity of tiktok America. They don’t want the US business of tiktok to be suppressed and affect their own interests. U.S. institutional investors with byte hopping include several fund Giants: Sequoia Capital, general Atlantic and coatue management. < p > < p > CEO Mayer of tiktok was recommended by American investors to the founder of byte hopping. Therefore, he has always been on the side of American investors, promoting the founder of byte hopping to sell tiktok America or even divest its global business. Obviously feeling Mayer’s different position, the founder of byte jump lost faith in the former Disney executive who had high hopes to change tiktok’s regulatory dilemma. After being rejected by byte jump’s founder to participate in the sale negotiations, Mayer subsequently announced his resignation, only in office for three months. < / P > < p > according to people familiar with the matter, if you want to sell tiktok’s U.S. business with algorithmic technology, it will take more time to apply to the Chinese government for permission, which means that the sale cannot be completed according to the time requirements of the US government. This change brought about by the Chinese government gives more reasonable reasons for byte hopping to push American institutional investors and potential purchasers to persuade the U.S. government. < / P > < p > in another case, if the Chinese government forbids byte skipping to sell the algorithm technology behind tiktok, then two parties within the US government may have to consider: to execute the presidential order to completely ban tiktok’s US business, and no one will get any economic benefits; or do you want to let byte skipping retain some rights and interests and let all parties from tiktok’s US business Get the best of yourself. < / P > < p > the person familiar with the matter stressed to Sina technology that it was impossible to know whether there was communication between the governments on this matter, but the US investors did approach the US government recently. In order to force byte skipping to sell tiktok’s U.S. business, President trump issued two consecutive executive orders last month. On August 6, the White House issued an executive order to prohibit us companies and individuals from trading with byte skipping after 45 days; on August 14, the White House issued an order again, stipulating that byte skipping must complete the sale of tiktok’s US business within 90 days (mid November), and destroy all data related to us users under the supervision of the US government. < / P > < p > although both commands are intended to force byte skipping to sell tiktok’s US business, they do not coincide. The order of August 6, citing the International Emergency Economic Rights Act (IEEPA), determined that tiktok’s user data might be obtained by the Chinese government, and declared a state of emergency to block byte skipping; while the order of August 14 was based on the Cfius, which confirmed the previous acquisition of byte skipping ‘s deal poses a threat to U.S. international security, announcing its veto of 2018 The deal was completed in. On August 24, tiktok announced to sue the U.S. government against the first order. However, according to the previous precedent, the prosecution of IEEPA is almost impossible. The U.S. legislature has given the president great flexibility to deal with possible national security threats, and the U.S. judicial branch rarely interferes with the president’s administrative operations on national security. < / P > < p > at that time, it seemed that byte skipping was almost impossible to choose from among several potential purchasers, and the selling price would be greatly suppressed. Byte hopping US investors are allowed to keep a minority stake in tiktok’s US business, so their interests will not be affected. However, the technical control measures of the Chinese government have brought a turning point for byte skipping, and also made American investors and potential purchasers feel obstacles. They do not want to see tiktok’s U.S. business become a pure user platform without core technology promotion. If this happens, whoever takes over may not be able to continue to operate and maintain tiktok’s U.S. business. < / P > < p > “although the final outcome of the negotiations between the two sides is still unknown, at least it is difficult for the United States to swallow up tiktok’s US business as easily as previously expected. At least byte skipping can get more time and higher selling price. ” The person familiar with the matter said. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region