It was reported on November 8 that the second wave of tmall’s double 11 will start soon. On November 11, more than 16 million products will participate in the double 11 discount. According to the rookie, the first wave of double 11 delivery of major express companies is progressing smoothly, and the speed is greatly increased compared with last year. As of 10:00 a.m. on November 7, consumers generally received products of tmall double 11 from November 1 to 3, one day earlier than last year’s double 11. According to reports, express delivery has been accelerated because more digital technologies have been used from delivery to receiving this year. At the same time, the coordination between the supply chain and the logistics system is closer, and the minute level distribution of “pre-sale super fast delivery” goods to the community in advance, and “placing orders upstairs and delivering goods downstairs” is more common. According to the Organizing Committee of tmall double 11, more products participated in the second wave of discount than in the first wave, of which more than 1 million products were hot selling items transferred from the global emergency. There are also more than 3 million products that are totally different from the first wave of double 11 and new products with preferential treatment of double 11. Global Tech