The domestic double 11 has just ended, but the overseas version of the promotion activities has just arrived. If you have your favorite overseas shopping products, you can get on the train once a year. It is black Friday. The sale of Hai Tao is not the same as that of the domestic electricity supplier. Most of the discount is directly reflected in the price. There is no complicated way. There is no need to pay the deposit. Many goods are in good price both at home and abroad. What is more important is that if you order through WeChat or Alipay, you can send the package tax to your home. < / P > < p > although in the concept of many people, Black Friday is a foreign double 11 promotion, and there are reports of half price sales and off-line looting from time to time in news reports. However, Black Friday is no longer a carnival in foreign countries. With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, “buy all over the world at home” is no longer a slogan, but a real affordable and convenient discount for consumers. Currently, tmall global has launched the “Black 5 new continent” activity. Its products cover digital home appliances, health care, personal care, beauty, wine and drink, fashion, official direct purchase, overseas direct purchase, etc. for some super popular models, you can enjoy 60 yuan for over 300 yuan, 40 yuan for certificates, 10% for limited time discount and 10% for 2 pieces. < / P > < p > many good prices have appeared in this event. On the basis of enjoying the price of 2699 yuan for black five, Nintendo switch Daily Edition can also participate in the activity of reducing 300 yuan from 2699 yuan, and the price is 2399 yuan. The price of switch Pro is 459 yuan. The original price of hplaser 107a laser printer is 963 yuan, and the price of black five is 699 yuan, including tax. The price of Sony PS4 Pro Black five in Hong Kong is 3218 yuan. This time, Jingdong international also provided a very sincere promotion activity, which was divided into three stages, including November 20-25 as warm-up period (23 days as Shenzheng day), 26 days as super category days, 27 days as import second killing days, and 28-29 days as return periods. < / P > < p > at present, the activities cover personal care, beauty, clothing, luggage, food, fresh food and other products. The international beauty duty-free shop will reduce 100 yuan for single, 200 yuan for imported fashion, 299 yuan for imported car, 20% discount for imported mother and baby, 24 periods interest free for digital home appliances, and 50% discount for imported household cleaning. < / P > < p > plus users can enjoy exclusive coupons of over 399 yuan minus 50 yuan. In addition, many super popular models such as Dyson V10 wireless vacuum cleaner, esam2200. W coffee maker, Panasonic electric shaver and other super popular models have been greatly reduced. Users who are interested should not miss it. < / P > < p > Amazon overseas shopping also provides a variety of large-scale promotion activities, which are more simple and direct than tmall and At present, Amazon’s official website has launched a promotion activity of “black five to promote crazy robbery ahead of time”. During the activity, the value of the world’s top brands is as low as 49 yuan! The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany overseas direct mail, and a single order of prime goods over 300 yuan, prime members enjoy 0 threshold free mail. < / P > < p > this activity is also divided into three stages, the warm-up period (13-25) is mainly “black five early grab” and “super God price day”. During the outbreak period (26-28), the “black five 72 hours” was officially opened, and more than 30 million overseas authentic products and more than 480000 international brands from Amazon’s four major websites in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany, synchronized with the good prices of the United States, Britain, Japan and Germany; online shopping Monday (29 Day). Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days