Tmall and E-House announced strategic cooperation and jointly launched the “tmall good house” platform, aiming to help real estate enterprises customize online real estate flagship stores, combine 3D purchasing technology, live broadcast and more financial service capabilities with the real estate industry, and open up the whole link of online house viewing and house purchasing. < p > < p > tmall revealed that country garden, Zhongnan and other real estate enterprises have reached in-depth cooperation with tmall. In addition, tmall also released the “real estate transaction cooperation mechanism” (etc) with E-House. Based on the new product upgrading, the mechanism will provide four transaction scenarios, namely, new house, second-hand house, special price house and auction house, and carry a number of service functions in the online transaction process of real estate. < p > < p > Zhou Xin, chairman of the board of directors of E-House (China) Holding Co., Ltd., said: “E-House will play its own advantages in housing resources, broker enabling products, blockchain technology and real estate consumption insight. Together with tmall, E-House is committed to solving various problems currently faced by various trading entities, helping the industry improve transaction efficiency and upgrading industry technology.” (He Chang) < A= target=_ blank>Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”