Microsoft is designing its own arm based processor chips for its servers and future surface devices, according to a report from the company on December 19. According to the report, these server chips will be used in Microsoft’s azure cloud services, and Microsoft is also designing “another chip” for some of its surface devices. It’s no surprise that arm based chips can be used on PCs. the bright performance of Apple’s M1 has proved the feasibility of the plan. < / P > < p > the self-developed server chip for data center also indicates that more and more companies are starting to get rid of dependence on other chip companies, especially Intel, by developing their own chips. < / P > < p > in fact, as early as last year, Microsoft announced that its new surface laptop 3 and surface Pro x devices would not be equipped with Intel processors, but would work closely with AMD and Qualcomm to produce customized processors for its surface family, diversifying surface chips rather than relying solely on Intel. In an interview with the verge, Jack Huynh, general manager of AMD’s semi customization division, said: “we spent tens of thousands of hours working with Microsoft to optimize not only the CPU and GPU, but also the power management, memory bandwidth, firmware and drivers of the entire system, creating the highest performance ultrathin laptop ever.” < / P > < p > in terms of cooperation with Qualcomm, Microsoft uses SQ1 processor, a custom chip based on Qualcomm snapdragon 8cx, to improve the performance of its CPU and GPU. It is reported that Microsoft SQ1 is an 8-core processor, which is the first processor with the fastest kryo CPU up to 3GHz. According to pavan davulur, a Microsoft Surface engineer, these kryo kernels are suitable for windows and can balance high performance and energy consumption. Since then, the surface x2 was released using SQ2 chip in cooperation with Qualcomm. < p > < p > most of Microsoft’s surface products use Intel chips, but at present, the surface processor chips are not only dependent on Intel, but also become diversified. In the future, Microsoft will launch its own personal computer chips. Although Microsoft, like apple, has a small share of the PC market, its products are all positioned as high-end products with exquisite design. For example, apple said its M1 based MAC has improved performance compared with classic notebook computers. < p > < p > previously, Amazon, Microsoft’s competitor in cloud computing, has launched its own arm based gravition2 processor chip a year ago, improving its performance and cost advantages and getting on the right track. They think their chips are more suitable for some of their needs. Compared with the ready-made chips mainly provided by Intel, they have cost and performance advantages, and Microsoft may provide more services In the same consideration, we began to develop our own chip. < / P > < p > in 2017, Microsoft announced that it would cooperate with several arm suppliers including Qualcomm and Cavium, and try to build windows The ARM chip runs on the server, but it is only used in Microsoft’s own data center to evaluate azure services. Microsoft believes that the arm based server chip is very effective for internal cloud service applications, such as search, storage, big data and machine learning. “As chips are the foundation of technology, we will continue to invest more in design, manufacturing and tools, and at the same time promote and strengthen the partnership with many chip providers,” said Frank Shaw, a Microsoft spokesman < p > < p > in recent years, Microsoft has increased the recruitment of chip engineers, for example, from Intel AMD, NVIDIA and other chip companies. After Qualcomm abandoned the server chip business, a large number of talents have also been lost. In a recent post, Microsoft mentioned the work Microsoft is doing around arm64 servers in its data center, which may be a continuation of the plan announced by the company in 2017. < / P > < p > nowadays, more and more companies are looking for new solutions to deal with the large amount of data supporting cloud computing and Smartphone Production. After the automation of AI chip design, a frenzy of new chip design has been triggered. Especially for companies with huge data centers, the consideration of power consumption is increasingly important. At this time, the chip based on arm becomes more energy-saving Better choice. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple