Come on! “Animal Crossing” has been booming since its launch, and its popularity has been rising to the present level, and its tentacles have been extended to all levels of society. Recently, even the Japanese government departments have taken the train. The Tokyo fire department has released disaster prevention message using “motion Sen”, and the exclusive design decoration is also about to be announced.

·” gather! Animal Animal Crossing is the latest work of Nintendo’s famous simulation game, animal’s life. Before this series of changes, the game design is set up in the completed location, game player is put into an uninhabited island to start life again. In addition to the extremely open way of playing the game, the very interesting multiplayer mode is also the highlight that players like to talk about. In addition to the traditional local online, “gather! The Animal Crossing also supports 4 people playing together on a Switch.

· following the previous art exhibition of motoshi and the job fair of motoshi, new fields have been discovered again. In Japan, which has always been in disaster, various news channels have reported various disaster information almost every day. In the future, Tosen will also play a role. The Tokyo Fire Department will release disaster prevention and disaster information with exclusive design Decorations will also be announced in the near future, please look forward to it.