Online transmission Yunda express recently in the intranet notice, the entire network is prohibited to agent extremely rabbit express business. China Securities News reporter from Yunda, Shentong, Yuantong and other express franchisees, outlets were confirmed: “before received internal notice, no pick up rabbit express delivery, received a fine.” Yunda express company will not respond to this. The reporter visited Beijing and found that some outlets still send and receive the items of express delivery and Yunda express delivery at the same time. “The head of a express outlet said:” extremely rabbit gave money, there is cooperation, there are express delivery or can send and receive customers. ” The reporter of China Securities News was confirmed from Yunda express franchisee. Yunda recently issued a notice on the Internet, which forbids the agency of express delivery of polar rabbit. “At present, Yunda’s outlets don’t let me put pieces,” the local franchisee also told reporters. But we have our own agency points and are fully capable of meeting the needs of our customers. ” It is reported that Yunda express requires that affiliated companies (including the contract area) shall not join the polar rabbit network and the contract area for any reason or in any form; the two ends of the contract shall not represent the express delivery business of polar rabbit in any way or for any reason. For the extremely rabbit express that has been transferred into the transfer link, the distribution center shall strictly check the clearance, collect evidence and report it, and return the original order according to the problem parts; for the extremely rabbit express that has been transferred into the terminal network, the end network company shall collect the evidence and report it, handle the problem according to the problem piece, and inform the sending point to inform the recipient to take it. Meanwhile, Yunda shall strictly implement exclusive operation for polar rabbit express delivery, and punish the agency of the express delivery business of polar rabbit by RMB 1000 / ticket once verified. The similar notices were issued earlier by Shentong and Yuantong. “Before, several internal notices were received from several companies, and no express delivery from polar rabbit was allowed, and a fine was imposed.” It is understood that extreme rabbit express is the head e-commerce express company in Southeast Asia. Li Jie, the founder of oppo Indonesia, was the founder of oppo Indonesia company. Through the sales network of oppo Indonesia, he established the express logistics network in Southeast Asia quickly, and became the leader of Southeast Asia Express in less than 5 years. In 2019, polar rabbit directly obtained the express delivery operation qualification and network through investment and holding Shanghai Longbang express. Meanwhile, it learned the development experience of Southeast Asia, and took advantage of the sales network and logistics demand in oppo to start the network quickly, and started to operate formally in March 2020. As of August this year, the daily average business volume of the polar rabbit has exceeded 7 million, according to the Guoxin Securities Research Report. People in the industry said that the reason why the “Tongda system” was eager to kill polar rabbits was due to the rapid development of polar rabbits in recent years, which caused the vigilance of the peers because of the rapid development of polar rabbits. “Tongda system” price war has pushed prices against each other, and competition has become hot. Of course, we don’t want new players to share the market. As of the press visit of China Securities News, it was found that as of the release, some outlets still sent and received express delivery of polar rabbit, Yunda and Baishi express at the same time. According to the reporter observation, a district in Beijing has been replaced with three express outlets in succession. “The rabbit gave money, had cooperation, there were express delivery or can send and receive to customers,” said the head of a certain branch of the rookie post station. Express money is too difficult, early and dark, an average of 89000 express delivery pieces a month, a few hair of the pieces, a piece of not to profit, not to walk, it is difficult to survive. Except Shunfeng and Jingdong completely follow their own express network, other (express companies) have basically cooperated. ” “The rules were a few months ago, but many of the end outlets were dragging, too many and too scattered, so it was a little difficult to keep them all in a while and a half,” said a person in charge of express delivery in Beijing People in the industry told China Securities Daily that Zhongyou and Shunfeng network in Jingdong had a net, which could be transformed on the original Internet to achieve self-sufficiency. But all of the things are from scratch, only through the network of Tongda system, which also brings enough benefits to the outlets of Tongda. Many franchisees are the top of the wall, and both sides of the business do. It is understood that there are two modes in the express industry at present, one is direct business mode. The express delivery staff is the staff of the express company. The express company needs to pay the salary of the courier, pay social security and provide labor production tools (such as electric tricycles); meanwhile, the express delivery staff have rest days and overtime fees. The other is the joining mode commonly adopted by “Tongda system”. As an independent business entity, express delivery personnel are not employees of express companies. Therefore, express companies do not need to pay the franchise, pay social security, nor provide labor production tools. A franchisee said that there was no rest day for work, except for Spring Festival holidays, delivery and overtime work were not paid every day. In addition, the franchisee also needs to pay tens of thousands of dollars of franchise fee and deposit to express company, and obey the unified management of the company. The industry said that the biggest advantage of the franchise mode is rapid expansion, low cost and fast network starting for express companies; while the advantages of direct business mode are high integration, easy control, high service level, obvious disadvantages and high cost. According to some legal circles, for the consideration of the competition factors, the cooperation contracts signed by the franchisees and express companies have exclusive terms. Even if the express company does not ban, the franchisee has agreed to transfer labor and assets to one express company for cooperative production, and it cannot provide services to another peer company at the same time. Of course, also need to see the specific terms of the signing of the franchise, if found that the franchisee has a breach of contract, express companies can sue according to law. Global Tech