Recently, an online “Tongda” express internal price increase notice shows that from today, the transfer fee of express packages needs to be increased by 0.5 yuan. In addition, on the Internet social platforms such as tieba and Weibo, some netizens also posted notices on the price increase of express delivery to the whole country from Yiwu in Zhejiang Province and Chenghai in Guangdong Province. It is suggested that China Merchants Securities should pay attention to the opportunities of express delivery. In September, the number of express delivery maintained a high growth. During the National Day holiday, the data broke out. The national postal express industry received 1.82 billion express parcels, up 53.42% year-on-year, and delivered 1.8 billion express packages, up 62.51% year-on-year. In his opinion, China’s consumer market has accelerated the integration of online and offline development, driving the postal express industry to continue to maintain a high growth trend. < p > < p > at the beginning of this year, the continuous warming of live broadcasting with goods by the whole people and the outbreak of epidemic situation promoted the outbreak of online sales. Since February, the growth of express parcel business in China has been maintaining a rapid growth, which is stable in the high-speed growth range of more than 30%. According to Su Baoliang of China Merchants Securities, the current industry is moving forward to the pattern of oligopoly, the price war will continue in the second half of the year, and the differentiation of leading companies will intensify. In the long run, express is still the best track in the field of logistics, showing resilience that repeatedly exceeds market expectations. < p > < p > looking back on history, on the day of the double 11 Shopping Festival in 2019, postal and express enterprises received 535 million Express items. This year’s “double 11” express volume is expected to “burst”. Referring to the historical price increase rhythm (Zhongtong announced price increase on October 11, 2019), Huatai Securities believes that the double 11 effect of the whole industry is approaching this year (some price depressions such as Guangdong Province have taken the lead in raising prices), so it is necessary to focus on the pricing strategies of Zhongtong and Jitu at both ends of the e-commerce price belt. < p > < p > Huatai Securities is optimistic about the next performance of express. SF holdings is the first choice for its target (the profit of time sensitive parts is up + the valuation of supply chain is expected to go up). It is suggested to pay attention to Yuantong Express (profit improvement of all freights + rapid growth of package volume), Yunda shares (firm position + reasonable valuation + strategic equity in deppon), Shentong express (deepening cooperation with Alibaba) and Debang shares (Basic Face up + Yunda strategic investment endorsement). Global Tech